Friday, September 25, 2009

Totally Talia

Talia refers to her new baby brother as "My Eli"--totally adorable. Of course, she also has the gender pronouns mixed up and calls him "she" and "her" as well.
Our Talia has turned into a book-aholic. She's the only kid I know who insists on sleeping with a pile of hardbacks instead of a cuddly stuffed animal.
Talia has a special pronunciation for underpants--she calls them "nunderwear." Of course, I really ought to spell it "none-derwear," as that seems to be her specialty. She may not like getting dressed in the morning, but she absolutely loves getting completely undressed--anytime, anyplace. I can only imagine what the neighbors think...


Talyn said...

Alena sleeps with a book for her naps, but it's mostly for post nap until mom comes to get you entertainment.

My Eli is very sweet.

The Favorite said...

Very funny- Jane too prefers a bed of books.

Susie said...

We have kids who had the same habit of sleeping with books! She comes by it honestly. Maybe the colder weather will curtail her stripping habits some :) We know someone who eventually outgrew that phase!