Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Our New Arrival

We have a new addition to our family, and yes, it's a boy!

As expected, he's small, slippery, and doesn't do much more than eat, sleep, and poop. He also happens to have fins and gills.

Since the baby in my belly is still stubbornly refusing to join the outside world, our family recently added a new member in the form of a Betta fish. This little guy has been christened "Berry" by Brooklyn, in honor of his fins which range in color from that of a blueberry to a raspberry. All in all, he seems to be adjusting quite well to life in the Wheeler home and we're happy to have him around.


Jessica Bybee said...

We love our new betta too! Our is named "Dirt", although it is a stawberry red. Enjoy! Our betta is very responsive to the kids and us!

Michael said...

you got me! more brave them I--I hate cleaning there homes!

The Favorite said...

You totally fooled me...
I love the new fish, Jane has a picture just like that one sitting on the counter. Have fun!

Jackie said...

Ha! What is going on, were beta's on sale? My sil Amy got one this last week and it is orangish red but for some reason the kids want to name it "purple"... guess they shoulda snagged your fish for that name!

Brianna said...

Yeah for pets!

Kristin said...

Our stinking betta had to die the morning we were putting together the Artist's student of the week poster. We discovered the loss when we took the camera to the tank to take a picture.

The great tragedy!!! I cannot even describe it, except to say that I had to dig a grave in the frozen January ground in order to console her and it was simply awful!

The empty tank, which is like the coolest light-up tank a betta ever had, still sits empty on the kitchen counter.

And Rainbow's grave is marked in the backyard.

Hope your fish brings greater happiness to your home.

By the way...thinking of you. The end is so hard.