Monday, May 21, 2007

Four Years and a Family of Four

Once again, here are some updated pictures from the Wheeler household. Life is gaining a touch of sanity now that Jason is done with his architecture classes for the semester, although he is taking an intensive Spanish literature class over the next four weeks. Solar Decathlon keeps him busy most days, although he tries hard to make time for his three girls. Kara would like to enjoy sleeping in now that early-morning seminary is over, but Brooklyn and Talia are early risers.

Here's Brooklyn, smiling happily at a picnic. Like her parents, Brooklyn loves puzzles and being outdoors.

And here's Talia, smiling happily at her big sis. Talia's new found loves are sitting, rolling all over the place, and devouring paper.

Fortunately, Talia has also been introduced to rice cereal, green beans, and squash over the past few weeks. While she liked the squash, she successfully sprayed the green beans from wall to wall.

And this is the cute bed and breakfast where Kara and Jason stayed for their fourth anniversary, thanks to kind and courageous Uncle Ben and Aunt Christy who took on the girls for the night. We had a fabulous time!
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