Saturday, October 14, 2017

Omaha Photo Shoots

Okay, I promise.  This really will be that last post from our Omaha summer vacation.  We did a few photo shoots that need little in the way of explanation.

Anders turned six months!

Sitting, but not quite steady.  Good catch, Mama!

We also took Annika and Eila to Scheels in their matchy-matchy cousin dresses from Papa Kay.  The original idea was to let them ride the ferris wheel, but Eila wasn't quite tall enough yet.  We had to settle for some twirling instead.

Next we headed outside for some photos.

Sweetness overload.

Last but, not least, some photos of the Yin Residence that Jason helped design while working at APMA.  It is so amazing to see the project go from an idea on paper... this.

Needless to say, the home is stunning.

Well-done, Jason!

With so much troubling in the world, it's nice to pause and record the beautiful.

Omaha 2017

Two and a half months ago we drove out to Omaha for some vacation fun.  I don't know about you, but that feels like a really LONG time ago.  So even though I may be as sleepy as Annie, I'm going to share a bazillion photos anyway.  'Cause sometimes it's time to move on.

The best part of coming home to Omaha is, well, home.  Papa Kay and NomiAnn's yard is undoubtedly the best.

Papa Kay's new and improved zipline is better than ever.  Annika was big enough to go on it by herself this year.  Guess she learned from her big sis!

There's a new swing that Eila loves.  (We planned our visit to coincide with the Wilhoit's.  Party time!)

Here's Eli toting the zipline back up the hill.  Wish I'd taken a picture of Eila doing the same.  She'd put the loop around her cute little belly and charge of the hill full speed, arms pumping.  Just adorable!

Zoe got more exercise than she's had in years chasing everyone back and forth.

Slip 'n slide time was pretty awesome as well.



Fire!  Brrr.

Here's Brooklyn trying to douse Papa Kay.  Can't remember if she was successful, but I doubt it.

Outside is the perfect place for painting...

...and for baby snuggling.  I sure miss my Anders!

Here are some more pics of the cute little tike, taken inside.

I love how he smiles at himself in the mirror during diaper changing time.  Wanna hear a joke?  "Anders sleeps in Anders's bed, Mommy sleeps in Mommy's bed!"

Anders had some of his first solid food in Omaha.  "Hey, cool spoon!"

"Let me try that."

"Blech!  Peas."

Fortunately Annika and Eila liked their food better, particularly when seated at their cute little table.

Other favorite memories: Annika reading"Yummy" with Papa Kay.

And let's not forget the bucket of Legos for the kids Jason.

Omaha wouldn't be the same without Papa Kay's rocket balloons.

This year Eli joined in the inflation fun.

Cousins are the cutest.

One evening we headed down to our old neighborhood for the grand opening of Hanscom Park's new playground.  Super fun!

Talia stood patiently in line to get her face painted.

The dolphin was definitely worth the wait!

Anders preferred to disguise himself as a frog.

Meanwhile, Eila, Annika, and Eli jumped their froggy hearts out.

I loved how much time we spent exploring Nebraska's state parks during this visit.  At the beginning of our trip, we escaped to Two Rivers for some caboose camping.

The kids loved sleeping in the loft.

My favorite part was letting them explore the broad, shallow river.

I'm in love with the Nebraska sky.

Youth in America need oh-so-much-more of this.

Sticks, mud, and a lazy river.  The ultimate playground.

Hard to tell from this photo, but Eila actually liked it as well, especially the first day when the air wasn't so chilly.

Grown-ups keeping watch from the beach.

I think Annie misses living so close to her NomiAnn and Papa Kay.

Smiles from Anders.

Back at the campground, it was time for some yummy breakfast.  No wonder my kids like camping so much--it's the only time they get to start the day with hot chocolate.

As expected, Brooklyn was a great help with Anders.

We took a day trip over to Schramm State Park for a bit of hiking.  Plus, geese!

Zoe always travels in style.

I don't feel old enough to have a daughter this grown-up.

Hitting the trail.

Talia made sure the trip wasn't too strenuous for Miss Zoe.

We hiked until we found this cool old suspension bridge.

Good thing it was strong enough to hold our crew.

Poor Eila had an unfortunate encounter with a stinging nettle.  Apparently candy sticks and playgrounds are the best medicine.

Annie has a new set of wheels.

And the men, hanging together.

This man's pure goofball.  But hey, what a fun uncle.

Speaking of uncles, you may have noticed that Uncle Adam isn't in a lot of these pictures.  He really was with us, but the poor guy got so sick while caboose camping at Two Rivers that he went home to try and keep the sickness from spreading.  Unfortunately, I think we'd all already been exposed (not that Adam started the chain.)  Here's Callie during her day of pure misery.  We also discovered that Annika may be the messiest vomiter around.  She manages to douse not only herself, the carpet, and the blankets, but a plethora of stuffed animals that sleep with her as well.  Way TMI, I know.

Oh, so sad!  This was Eli during his day of sick.  No, he wasn't being hauled of by the police.  We were actually at a Kids' Safety fair held at Boys Town.

Back to happier memories, our summer trip was the perfect time to catch up with some old friends.  Here we are swimming at the Rockbrook pool with some favorite friends, the Lawlers.

And here are Annie and I with my high school bestie, Heather.  Heather and her husband Mark are amazing family teachers at Boys Town.

On one of our last Omaha evenings, we headed to Louisville lakes for a picnic and more swim time.

Best pals.

Thanks, NomiAnn and Papa Kay, for another summer of amazing Omaha memories.
We love you!