Thursday, November 08, 2018

Haphazard October

Like most months around here, October was full of adventure.  Here's a haphazard collection of some of the happiest moments.


Brooklyn performed at a Utah Grizzlies hockey game with her school choir.  Can you spot her?

Here's some help.

These guys paid a bit more attention to their books than the game.

Lots of fun anyhow.

Talia and Annika danced and cheered with the Spirit Squad during halftime of the West High football game.  Annie may not have paid full attention...

...but at least she didn't do this.

All of the kids crashed Relief Society art night when we made marbled paper out of shaving cream and food coloring.

So fun!

I have quite the prolific artists.

Here's Annika crafting again with Clever Octopus at the Marmalade library.

Modeling clay is perfect for practicing the alphabet.

On General Conference weekend, we took a fun trip up to Hyde Park to see Grandma Susie and Grandpa Charles.  It was the perfect place for a game of tag.  Run, Brooklyn, run!

While Grandma Susie's cooking is always best, we tried our hand at Huehnerschnitzel one night.

Annika spent lots of time swinging from the monkey bars.

All that dangling makes for some impressive calluses.  Ramona Quimby would be proud.

This October, we hung out with friends close by.  Here we are celebrating the second birthday of our neighbors' twin sons.  They had the cutest party, Tee for Two, at the Lindsey Gardens baseball field.

We also hung out with friends far away.  Here's Jason visiting Niagara Falls after presenting at a conference in Buffalo.

While in Buffalo, he got to connect with his best friend from high school, Brad.  Here's Brad playing with liquid nitrogen at their ward Halloween Party.  Impressive!

Even more incredible was how much Brad's children have grown.  By the way Brooklyn, you were betrothed to "B" when only a few days old.

This October, we even had friends from afar come and visit us, like Aunt Christy and Uncle Ben.  Here's Christy observing the fine nuances of how to play pie face.

With a PhD in hand, Aunt Christy's a quick learner.

As the ultimate random gesture, we made a woolly bear caterpillar piñata this October.

Stay tuned to find out why.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

West Coast Addendum

Summer 2018.  Washington.  Oregon.  Andrus, Vedeckis, Wilhoit, Wheeler.  It was epic.  I've already blogged about our adventures ad nauseum here and here and here.  Yet just this morning I discovered an SD card with another beautiful set of photos.  Here is the best of the bunch, no explanations necessary.

A scroll through these photos makes me eager for another trip West.  Just a few more weeks until Thanksgiving!

Millcreek Mallow Roast

This morning Talia complained about how daylight savings always coincides with Fast Sunday in the fall.   (Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints fast for two meals on the first Sunday of the month, donating the money to those in need.)  One more hour of fasting!

So for those trying to kill time before supper, here are some photos to whet your appetite.  These were taken last July during a mallow roast up Millcreek canyon.

So once more, how much longer until dinner?