Saturday, June 02, 2007

Beginning with B

Being as Brooklyn begins with B, we've begun basic alphabet instruction by bypassing A.

Treasure Hunt! Can you find a boat, bird, ball, big brown bear, blue blanket, bug, basket, bus, button, block, baby book, betcetera, betcetera, betcetera...

Blond Brooklyn feeds her baby a bottle.

Blue-eyed Talia bites the brown box.

Binky, binky, binky!
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More Memorial Day Pictures

Here are a few more pictures from our camping trip. In this one, Kara shares a four leaf clover that she and Brooklyn discovered on the banks of the Mississippi.

Brooklyn enjoyed directing us as to where we should sit in the campground.

And here's Talia, all worn out.

A Memorable Memorial Day

This past Memorial day was spent camping on the Mississippi River with the Andrus grandparents. Despite a bit of rain, you can see that we had a glorious time. Here are the girls with NomiAnn and Grandpa Kay.
Brooklyn enjoyed our trip to Whiteys ice cream in the quad cities. Yum! However, I think our homemade shaker ball ice cream was even better.

NomiAnn gives Talia a new look at the world.
Yippee! Isn't life great?
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