Thursday, October 29, 2009

Worth it.

It was worth it.

As I stepped on the scale yesterday at my six-week postpartum checkup and watched the numbers soar, I thought to myself: "VoilĂ  France and the amazing food. Ah well, it was worth it."

I had hoped to be rid of my maternity pants by now, but alas, Eli's pregnancy has left me with quite the muffin top to remember him by. Still, I think I could cuddle him plenty minus my love handles.

And so, I've gone back to Weight Watchers. I joined nearly five years ago after Brooklyn was born, becoming a lifetime member once the weight was off. Lifetime membership is great because you get three free months to get back to your weight range after your baby is born.

Well, I have a lot farther to go this time around. Twelve weeks may not be enough time to get rid of the tangible French memories I carry on my hips. Even so, I feel glad to have gone back and be headed in the right direction. Twelve weeks will carry me through the danger zones of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and both my daughters' birthdays. I feel stronger and happier when I am in control of my appetite instead of my appetite controlling me. My whole family benefits from more veggies when I am motivated to make healthier food choices.

As part of my pre-New Year's resolution, I'm looking to get more active. My running shoes are calling my name, so if anybody is looking for an exercise partner, please let me know!

It will be worth it.


Tanja said...

I wish you good luck with Weight Watchers :) It seems to work when you only eat veggies.
Since the beginning of July I was allowed (by the doctor) to only eat veggies and meat and lost 9 kilos so far (but honestly - I hate veggies ... always have - always will!!!)

Chou said...

me! me! Meah, I wish we lived closer.

Mom L said...

I'll exercise here while you exercise there. Does that count? You'll do just fine, I know. You have that Kara determination, after all!

Brianna said...

Good luck! You can do it.

jennyb said...

Want to train for the team marathon on May 1st? Each person runs 6-7 miles...

Kristin said...

Weight Watchers is great!

I wish we lived close enough to run together. I would love a good running partner.

You can join me as a virtual one through dailymile! I kind of train with Dave's cousin that way. If you are interested, link through from the widget on my blog.

I also sent you an email about the IL Marathon.

Brittney Richards said...

I will be your running and excercise partner. The trick will be to match our schedules so we can exercise. I am planning on running the team marathon with Jenny, but from the comments on this post, it looks like she is looking for another leg of the competition. Join in on the fun. I need to get back in shape as well.