Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Pickin' Pleasures

A few days ago we ventured out for some pumpkin pickin' pleasure. What fun!

Here we have a happy Brooklyn...

And a happy Talia...

But a not-so-happy Eli. Our little man doesn't appreciate being set down, especially among pumpkins twice as large as he is.

The girls thought the wagons were tons of fun.

They tried to talk us into buying a giant pumpkin, but we've learned from hard experience that they're a pain to dispose of when the holiday fun is over.

And so we enjoyed climbing on them instead.

Where did Brooklyn go?

Talia hitches a ride.

Happy Halloween!


Tanja said...

Cute !!!! Way cute !!!

Chou said...

Yeah! Pumpkins!

Becca said...

Gotta love pumpkin patches...and the little pumpkin bum. so cute.