Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Week in Numbers

Ack! It's only October, and keeping our family healthy has already turned into a full-time job. In case you're wondering where we've disappeared to, allow me to share our week in numbers:

40 doses of tylenol with codeine
20 doses of antibiotic
10 doses of pediapred
3 visits to pediatrician
2 new antibiotics
2 H1N1 vaccines
1 refill on pain medication (even more codeine)
1 urine sample
1 renal ultrasound
1 influenza screening
1 pertussis screening
1 oxygen reading
1 chest x-ray
and countless noses blown.

I'm exhausted.

Fortunately, our family is generally on the mend. While next week is still pretty packed with follow-up medical appointments, I hope that someday soon we will cut short our familiar relationship with waiting rooms. How long until spring?

(Oh, and p.s. in case you're nervous--we didn't have the flu, just some nasty colds...)


Tanja said...

Gute Besserung!!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems you missed an important number ... the number of diaper changes this week. Then again, I suppose diaper changes occur even when the whole family is healthy ... I guess it really "depends" on the age.

Mom L said...

It may well be a very long winter with it starting that way. But then again, you may be getting past it early and ready to enjoy the rest of the cold weather without a hitch! I really hope its the latter for you.

Chou said...

Oh, so miserable. May next week be better.

Susie said...

What a challenging week! Sounds like I could have sent Lance to join the fun!