Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fifteen Days of Fun

At the ripe old age of two weeks and a day, our tiny Eli is growing up fast. This morning his lactation consultant informed me that he had "officially graduated from Breastfeeding 101." (During his first week of life, he was a little slow "latching on" to the whole concept of nursing, but has been eagerly making up for lost time since.)

In honor of the occasion, I thought I'd post some of our favorite pics from the last couple of weeks.

Practically Perfect

A Photoshoot with our Midwife Ray

Bundled like a Burrito

Comfy Cozy

Yummy fingers

Early Bonding with our Favorite Pug

Eli Meets his Sisters (aka Beware the Eye Pokes)

So tiny

What hair!

Talia becomes a big sister

Brooklyn brushes up on her baby holding skills

How many Wheelers can you fit in a hospital bed?

Eli's surrogate parents: Brittney and Bruce

The first car ride

Alternative transportation: The Sling

Weirdness Training begins early at our home... does our obsession with John Deere

Little Farmer Eli gets a little too much loving from his sisters

Eli displays a weird face of his own.

Too cute for words

Brooklyn joins in the fun

Bonding with Dad

Ever affectionate, Talia's always eager for another turn holding her brother

What a precious bundle!

In a while, crocodile.


Mom L said...

Oh, Kara, he is SO adorable! Love these terrific pictures! You guys have a safe trip this weekend. Wish we could be there for the blessing!

The Favorite said...

We have those same "Big Sister/Brother" shirts. I love all the pictures. (What's Bruce's last name- he looks like someone from our mission.)
I can't believe 15 days already. I've got 15 more to go!

jennyb said...

Congrats on your little graduate! These are fabulous -- I just love how you can take so many pictures with a newborn and they are all unique and darling. That's what you get while they are trying out all their facial expressions.

Brianna said...

Great pictures. We had fun seeing him tonight. He is really cute.

Bruce Richards said...

Hopefully Eli will continue his sleeping habit while riding in the car.
My last name is Richards, where did you serve The Favorite? I don't remember any Elder or Sister Favorites...

Reesa said...

What a beautiful little boy and family you guys have! I hope you don't mind me blog-stalking you guys! :) You should see Grandpa Charles light up when asked about little Eli . . .