Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Twelve hours from now, Brooklyn will be tonsil-free. While I'm terrified, she's really excited about the whole procedure. Before bed tonight she laid out two brand-new outfits on the floor and asked me to help her choose which one to wear to the hospital. When I told her that she could have as many popsicles as she wants after the surgery, she threw her arms around me in an enormous hug and said, "Oh Mommy! You're the best!"

Feeling a bit concerned about Brooklyn's idealized image of surgery, I sat down with her this evening to have a frank discussion about the reality of recovery. My warnings about pain and a liquid diet didn't disturb her in the least. One sad realization did shock her and almost bring tears: she has to skip breakfast. The ultimate tragedy...

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jennyb said...

Glad to hear the surgery was successful this morning-- hope recovery is going fine and that the power of the popsicle is as therapeutic as Brooklynn imagined.