Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Baby Euphoria--Or Not

After months of waiting, it's quite common for new Moms to get a case of the Baby Blues once their infant finally arrives. In my case, however, the reverse seems to be true. I get smitten with Baby Euphoria. I am positively enamored by the new arrival--the tiny toes, the fine hair, each funny expression, hiccup, and sneeze--and oh, that delightful newborn smell! No matter how much I snuggle the little one, I can't seem to get enough. Yum!

Now I confess... While I generally like other people's babies, the attraction isn't the same as with my own. After all, newborns are, let's face it, rather wrinkly and kinda strange-looking, especially with their umbilical stubs. And, seeing as to how they can't do much besides eat, sleep, cry, and poop, they can be rather boring too. While small is cute, when I hold other people's newborn babies, they seem so tiny that I worry I might crush them--which scares me. After all, you break it, you bought it.

For some unexplainable reason, my babies manage to forego that awkward, quasi-ugly stage and become immediately beautiful, fascinating, and winsome. (Well, at least in my eyes.) :) It is love at first sight--and I crave more. One baby is so great that I wish I had two, or a dozen, or maybe two dozen. Despite the long nine months of pregnancy and the pain of delivery, the reward is so fabulous that I can't wait to do it again.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?), this Baby Euphoria eventually does wane. While I still adore the baby smell, the drudgery of diapers and midnight feedings starts to take its toll. Eli is only three weeks old, yet I'm already feeling the heavy weight of the real-world set back in. Maybe this is because Eli gets grumpy, or perhaps I am simply worn out. One thing is for certain, however--having three is definitely harder. I feel like I am being stretched in new ways. While I can handle a screaming baby with a smile (after all, they're still so darn cute!), it's going to take some serious prayer to learn how to simultaneously handle a fussy baby, a screaming toddler, and whining preschooler with patience.

So much for two dozen...


Ben said...

Wisdom indeed.

Susie said...

Brings back memories! Just remember...this too shall pass. I had to remind myself of that during those moments of heightened demands and decibel levels!

Bruce Richards said...

That's what friends are for (except when they're gone to basketball games).
I wasn't as advanced as Brooklyn, so my mom had 3 in diapers. I think the only reason 10 more came is because of a friend that came and offered to take us for a while on a day when my mom was feeling particularly overwhelmed.

PS I'm not implying that you should have 10 more. We'll be your friends whether you have 3 or 24.