Friday, October 03, 2008

Post # 5: Crazy Cars

While many people in the US are just barely leaving work for the weekend, it's already midnight in France, so this post will be short. I thought I'd share a quick picture of our rental car: a blue Peugeot 207. Interestingly enough, you fill this little stick-shift up with diesel. Even though it got great gas mileage, we found driving in France to be quite pricey, particularly after paying all the tolls and parking. It was actually quite nice to give up owning a vehicle completely--no more wrestling the girls into their carseats!

If you must have a car in Lyon, I definitely recommend a Smart Car. It makes "parallel" parking with a stick shift infinitely easier. :)

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Tanja said...

Welcome to Europe -- at least we (in Germany)do not have toll-both or pay for using the freeway -- but gas is expensive :)
I hope you will enjoy the metro-system in Lyon. Good luck.