Friday, October 31, 2008

Post #22: Burnt Intentions

I´m a lousy housekeeper. It wouldn´t be so embarrassing if I didn´t try so darn hard, but I actually do recognize the importance of cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc., particularly as relates to making a house a home. I already shared a bit of my ineptitude a few posts back when I confessed to the blue laundry. Unfortunately, the story doesn't end there. A couple days later, I tried to make homemade bread. Tragically, I killed the yeast and baked bricks instead. However, I knew I'd reached my all-time low when I overheard Jason having the following conversation with Brooklyn.

Jason: If you'll sit down at the table and eat your lunch, then I'll let you have a cookie that isn't burnt.

Once upon a time I had dreams of my children reminiscing on their childhood and remembering the smell of Mom's delicious homemade cookies when they came home from school. Mine will probably only remember carcinogenic carbon. Until we get back to the States where my oven has a timer and a temperature control, I think I'd best leave the baking to the bakers.

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chou said...

I've heard noses can tell when things are done with enough experience . . . maybe when the colds disappear? :) I'll have to show you the picture of the rock hard bread I baked for mom once. You'll laugh. And you are a fabulous housekeeper--I know.