Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Post #3: Our New Home

So after trekking up two flights of stairs and fumbling with our fountain of keys, we finally got the first glimpse of .... our new home!

We were immediately amazed by how it was much larger than we expected--a fabulous discovery since we have downsized to a one-bedroom.

I was also tickled pink to discover great storage space--hooray! No need to purchase dressers and lug them up the stairs. This is the closet in the girls' room.

The bathroom is nicely tiled with a deep tub for giving the girls baths.

Of course, the toilet is in a separate room across the hall--a typical arrangement here in Europe.

This lovely picture of Brooklyn actually shows what was our only disappointment about moving in. The gap where she is standing is where we expected a fridge and stove to be. On the positive side, at least the previous tenants left the cabinets.

And last but not least, my favorite part about our place--the fantastic windows. We have ten foot ceilings and tons of light because there's an open parking lot instead of another building across from us. Every time I see the old cast iron railings, I pinch myself and think--I'm in France! Now if there were only some way to guarantee that the kids won't go tumbling over...

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NomiAnn said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It is great to see pictures with the narrative. The apartment is really nice - it looks comfortable and organized. Now show us pictures with your furniture and girls living in it:) I have a feeling it may look a little different.