Sunday, November 06, 2016

Sunday Afternoon on the Alpine Loop

Looking back on my college years in Provo, I don't have many regrets.  I do, however, wish that I had spent a little bit less time studying and a little bit more time enjoying the outdoors.  While I may not have hiked much, I occasionally drove the alpine loop with friends on a Sunday afternoon.  It took a bit of time, but it was always worth it.

A few Sundays ago I drove the alpine loop again with the best friends I'll ever have--my family.  It still took a bit of time, and yes, it was worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kara (Milkweed),

Actually, the Alpine Loop has been significant from the first day of your life -- perhaps more than you know. Within a day of your birth, your grandmother (Helen Wells) came to visit and help. You and your mother were required to stay in Provo's Utah Valley Hospital for a couple of additional days. So, I took your wonderful grandmother on a memorable drive around the Alpine Loop. She talked nearly the whole time about the beautiful scenery and her beautiful first grandchild. Her observations are still accurate.