Monday, November 14, 2016

Cheering in St. George

No matter how tough the week, happy pictures help me feel better.  Let's go back to the beginning of October when we drove to southern Utah to cheer Uncle Lance and Aunt Christy as they ran the St. George marathon.

The first place we cheered our runners was at the top of Snow Canyon.  These beautiful red rocks will always hold such a special place in my heart.  Seeing them feels like coming home.

We got there just as the very first runner came by.  There was even a brass band to cheer the runners on.  The tuba arrived about five minutes later, huffing and puffing after walking a half mile up the hill to get there with a gigantic instrument in hand.

While the last miles of the race are grueling for the runners, they fly by for the spectators.  We cheered our speedy siblings on at Sunset Corner near our old house, then sped to the finish line.  Lance and Christy both did such an amazing job!  My only regret is that I don't have better pictures.  (I actually forgot my phone at home that day, so these photos are stolen from Jason.)

Chocolate milk is the perfect recovery drink.  This race was particularly empowering for Christy, who had her ACL replaced two years ago.  Her knee "Prudence" handled the marathon wonderfully.  Way to go!

Grandpa Charles was proud as could be of his kids--and for such good reason!

While Christy and Lance waited for massages, we headed to Pioneer Park to explore.

Brooklyn and Eli were delighted to reminisce about years past when they would frequently play in these "hotels."

Talia found a suite for one.

Brooklyn basks in the St. George sun.

While this may have been Annika's first time hiking in Pioneer Park, she took off scaling the rocks like she'd been doing it her entire life.

Red Mountain.

Following the race, we headed back to the Airbnb rental for some much needed relaxation.

That evening, we picnicked in Snow Canyon where we painted toenails at the Upper Galoot before playing in the sand dunes. Then we headed to Menchies for our favorite frozen yogurt.  Annie sure liked her chocolate!

While the runners stayed at the rental in the Ledges, our family stayed with some great friends, the Johnsons, at their new home in Santa Clara.  They were such sweet hosts, especially with their Mom being out town.  Hopefully Heather wasn't too furious when she returned and discovered that Keat won the battle with the trampoline.  

On our way back to Salt Lake, we got distracted and found ourselves driving through Zion National Park.

Our new sun roof needed some attention.

 I took a gajillion pictures, like an addict finally reunited with her favorite drug.
 Can you blame me?

We stopped to hike the Canyon Overlook.  Worth every step!

Just be careful not to lose your prize possessions over the edge.

Being back together in Zion as a family felt so right.

Plus, we survived the marathon drive home.  26.2 miles per gallon!

Now on to training for the next big race.  Jason, Christy, Ben, and I are signed up for the Ogden marathon/half marathon on May 20th.  All are welcome to join the torture fun!

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