Saturday, November 05, 2016

Rounding off September

Seeing as to how it's already November, it's definitely time to finish the September photos.  With gorgeous weather, we spent plenty of time hanging outside.  If swinging is fun, and rollerskating is fun, then doing both is twice the fun!

Daddy Jason took a trip to New York City...

...and got to see this lovely view from the Wells' family yard.

We had another birthday in the family.  When it comes to Momma, she'd rather have the ice cream and leave the cake.

Annika sure knows how to dangle!

Here's Annie painting at the Leonardo.

Messy hands!

We enjoyed the outdoor bird show at Tracy Aviary (there's a vulture on the center post)...

..but got close and personal at the indoor bird show.

Our friend Jessica from Omaha came to visit with her great kids.  She even helped me figure out how to handle the furry but sick visitor I discovered on the back porch.  (Think Ratatouille.)  I'm still too traumatized to write about it.

Eli redeemed some of his birthday gift money from Uncle Lance and Aunt Callie at Toys R Us for this awesome remote controlled X Wing.  Thank you!

We took Jason to the Natural History Museum so that he could see the awesome architecture...I mean exhibits.

While there, we decided to pet some bugs, both big...

...and small.

Lovely views from on top.

The last Saturday in September, Brooklyn, Talia, and I tried to get stand-by tickets to the General Women's Session of conference.  Instead of standing around, they had us wait in the Tabernacle.  I had snacks and games so the time passed quickly.

Of course, Talia had her knitting too.

While we didn't get tickets, it was fun watching the broadcast from Temple Square.  Plus, our walk home afterwards was lovely (especially the ice cream sandwiches from Hatch Family Chocolates.)
Farewell fair September!

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