Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lots of Laughs

How I wish I jotted down all the funny things our kids say!  (Of course, that would be a lot of notes.)  Here are a few gems I found while cleaning out papers today.
Brooklyn:  (As I measured her back for a surprise that NomiAnn is sewing.)  I hope she's not making me a cor-say.
Me:  A corsay?  You mean a corset?
Brooklyn:  Yeah.  How come it doesn't rhyme with ballet?

Talia:  (Telling me how she switched the laundry.)  I put the clothes in the dryer, and then I put a piece of lint in.  (Lint/dryer sheet--it's all the same thing.)

Eli:  (Telling me about his friend's Halloween costume.)  George is going to be a miamaid!  (After a lot of questioning, we finally figured out that he meant a mime.)
Annika:  (After a successful potty session.)  Look, Daddy!  Two poo poos.
Jason:  Actually, there are three.  See that one in the trap?
Annika:  Her's playing hide and go seek!
I may never look at my toilet the same way again.

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