Friday, November 18, 2016


My new motto: a post a day keeps panic at bay--at least the panic of being so frightfully behind that you'll never catch up.

Today's post is all about the evening we spent in Eden, literally. In early October, we went to visit Jason's cousin Laura and her sweet family there near the mouth of Ogden Canyon. They are planning to building a home in Eden, and invited us for dinner in exchange for some architectural advice.  The grilled shrimp and veggies on the barbie was so great that I'm sure we got the better end of the deal.  As for the property, it was every bit as pretty as the name might suggest.

Our kids were so excited to spend some time with the animals on the farm.

Of course, they were just as excited to meet some new cousins.

Here's Wendell (Laura's husband) and a passel of kids on the four wheeler.

So Jason, maybe we should build in Eden as well and you can just commute.

It would be paradise.

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Anonymous said...

The lake in Eden looks pleasant. If you decide to buy/build there let us know, we might consider building a nearby "mother-in-law" house. Or, if you are really brave, invest in a walk-out or attached retirement apartment. Cathy has long-yearned to live on a lake. Keep Smiling!