Wednesday, May 04, 2016

SayWA! meets the Nebraska Good Life

Getting closer to being caught up on this blog, folks.  Exciting times!  Especially since today I get to share some of the fun things that we did while Callie and Eila were visiting.

First thing we did after meeting up at the airport was head straight to Cheddar's for some family dining.  Callie was a little worn out after wrestling Eila for three hours straight, but Eila seemed her usual perky self.

Naturally we spent a bit of time at Papa Kay and NomiAnn's house.  Here's Papa Kay reading one of his favorite stories to Eli and Annika.

Brooklyn and Callie playing a cello and flute duet to Pachelbel's Cannon.  Never thought the day would come!  (But I'm glad it has.)

 It's great training a new generation of musicians.

Here's Papa Kay with his hands full during another dining experience at the new Flagship Commons, designed by Alley Poyner.  Pretty fancy schmancy for a food court!  (Tasty, too.)
One of my favorite days was the one we spent at the Wildlife Safari.  Experience the buffalo without having to drive all the way to Yellowstone!

Annika leads the way on our hike.

Since the real bear was sleeping, Papa K did some great growling to make up for it.

Eila seems to thoroughly enjoy her Ergo.

Days after Easter, Annika still clung to her bunny basket.  (I'm sure she would be holding it still if I hadn't stowed it away one night while she was sleeping.)

What does Papa Kay spot?

Wolves!  The pack was more active than I've ever seen.

Eila Kay, you are just the cutest thing!

Check out those fun chompers.

Aw, it's great having cousins.

We also spent some time hanging out with the goats.   So fun to pet!

Annika made sure they all got a hug.

Eila researches whether she has feet or hooves.

Eli donned some pretty amazing antlers.

Of course, the little rack suits our prince well too.

Eila, on the other hand, was not a fan.

Callie had to show her how it's done.

 One last ride on the tractor, and it's time to go home!

Back at the Wheelers, Eila shows us how static is really done.  That hair is AMAZING!

Tramp time is electrifying.

I'll never tire of that tiny wiggle.

On a different day, Talia and Callie had some special Aunt-Niece time painting pottery together.

We also went to the Joslyn Art Museum where we played outdoors in the Discovery Garden before heading inside to Artworks.

Talia and Eila ride a pencil together.

 Leaving messages for Daddy Adam.

After admiring so much art at the museum, it was time to create some of our own using sugar cookie canvases.

Hard to believe we could pack still more fun into a week's vacation, but we did.  Here's Eila driving her truck at the Omaha Children's Museum.

Eila's very own Freestyle!  Adam, this Diet Coke is just for you.

Even NomiAnn got into the play scene.  (By the way, notice the soda in hand!)

The floating balls are always a favorite.

Age one is so fun!  The whole world becomes new again through moments of discovery.

Callie checks out the water table.  Good thing she did, too, because it's slated for replacement this month.

Jason likewise enjoyed his last moments being soaked by the little ragamuffins.  (At least until the new water feature is installed.)

Next stop on the week's whirlwind tour--Fontenelle Forest.  Here's Eila hanging out during their Mudpies program.
 Annika decides to paint.  Apparently she's a minimalist.

Meeting the forest creatures inside...

...before heading outside for music time.  Brooklyn did a great job toting her cousin.

Annika tries her hand at the xylophone.

Naturally Eila wanted to join in also.  Well-done!

Before Eila had to go home, we even managed to squeeze in a professional photo shoot with all the cousins.  Here they are being posed.

Prettiest crew around.

Callie, thank you so much for giving so generously of your spring break and making the trek to see us.  Spending the week with you and Eila made for amazing times, punctuated by silly giggles.
We sure love you!

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