Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Random posts are my favorite.  No use trying to develop any sense of connectivity or purpose...just enjoy our silliness at its finest.

Enjoying root beer floats before bed.  Does anybody else sense the irony in eating ice cream on the floor in front of the heater vent?  I think our kids are really going to miss that hot spot.

Here's Talia playing the Penny Flour Game.

We have a winner!

Definitely backtracking, here we are sledding in front of our home.  (Or more accurately, the Synowiecki's home.)

Jason gives Annika a snowy piggy back ride on the bike trail.

Brooklyn worked hard to create this perfectly molded snow egg.

At Alley Poyner Macchietto, the kids get to work along with their parents.  Here's Talia stickering her opinion at a Design Charette.

Brooklyn and Eli decide which designs they like best.

That one!

On Jason's birthday, we went for a bike ride to the Missouri river's edge for a picnic.

The Jimmy John's man even sent birthday wishes.

Here's Ben Turner, the bike guru who led our brief expedition and manages Omaha's B-Cycle program. 

Of course, biking may be fun, but pales in comparison to leaping onto gigantic inflatables.  Here's Talia's friend Adelle at Bounce U where we celebrated several birthdays.

Annika preferred riding the worm with her pal Joey.

Talia shares a bright smile.

And one more photo of some favorite third graders during a party at the Lawler's home.  I know all of the girls (LaShauna, Elena, Johanna, Erika, Talia, and Lily) but only one of the boys...Andrew.

Talia knows how to party at school too.  Here she is with some pretty amazing face paint at the Crestridge carnival.

Annika's face paint may not have been as fancy, but she's still adorable.

Most days, however, Talia works pretty hard at school.  Here she is volunteering to help punch Mileage Club cards. 

Mileage Club 2016 is running strong as ever, even without as much help from the Wheeler family.  Many other parents have really stepped up this year.

Thanks, Brooklyn, for starting such a magnificent program.

Back on the homefront, Annika sure loves to dress up.

Her big sister Brooklyn can be found in some unique garb too.

Oh wait, back to Annie, who apparently found the morning sun too bright for her breakfast dining.

And at the zoo with her swimsuit in hand.  She carries the darn thing everywhere if I let her.

One final photo, just for kicks and giggles.

Hope you've enjoyed these random glimpses into a day in the life of the Wheelers.

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Susie said...

What a fun sharing of life! Thanks. I smiled and laughed lots as I viewed the pictures and read the dialogue.