Friday, May 20, 2016

Mileage Club 2016

Mileage Club 2016--'Cause it's my blog and I will post what I want to.  And today, that needs to be a series of links about Mileage Club so that all of this is gathered and accessible in the future.  Can you tell we're wrapping things up?

Mileage Club Cards:  (Just print the first page on whatever colors of  paper you need to Run the Rainbow.)

Toe Charms:

Laminating Pouches: (Packs of 500, 5mil, 2 1/4 x 3 3/4", purchased through Amazon from Oregon Lamination Premium for $11.23)
Link to Laminator Sleeves

Necklaces:  (Packs of 100, 30 inch nickel steel plated #3, purchased through Amazon from Ball Chain Manufacturing for $29)
Link to Necklaces

Prizes:  In the past, we have had success with donations from Defy Gravity, Girls on the Run, Peak Running, and Red Dirt Running Company.  We have also supplemented with some Target Gift Cards. 

Here's an approximate number of each color card that was handed out in 2016 (6 week program.)  Each 16 punch card represents 3.65 miles (that's 0.23 miles per lap around the Crestridge track.)  The actual totals for orange and yellow cards handed out might be a little bit higher since not every student had their rainbow necklace recorded.

Red:  425
Orange:  126
Yellow:  110
Green:  92
Blue:  73
Purple:  56
Pink:  43
White:  36
Black:  28
Silver:  19
Gold:  15

Total: 1023

School Total for 2016:  Upwards of 2500 miles!  Way to go, Crestridge.

And, since this is a family blog, I'll let you know that I tallied up Talia's running from this year and last, and she recorded 99.7 miles.  I'm rounding up to call her a Hundred Miler.   Way to go Talia!  And Brooklyn, thanks for starting such an amazing program.  You kids inspire us all.


Anonymous said...

The Wheeler family will be known for many positive things at Crestridge Magnet School. Among them will be the wonderful start of "The Mileage Club Tradition"! You should all be pleased with not only starting the program last year, but in training others this year so that the chance of it living on perpetually is greatly enhanced. Keep smiling one and all!

The Favorite said...

That is REALLY amazing. I wish I could run 100 miles- wow!

Susie said...

Amen, Anonymous!