Monday, May 09, 2016

Happy 13th Anniversary!

Thirteen years ago today Jason and I were married in the Logan Temple.  The weather was pretty much like it is here at the moment--overcast gray, drizzling rain.  Yet despite the factual evidence of the photographs, in my memory the entire day is Peanut Butter Sunshine and Jelly Smiles.

Thirteen years later that Peanut Butter Sun is still shining, despite the inevitable storms.  In honor of our anniversary, I wanted to share thirteen reasons why I love my hubby.

1)  Jason works so very hard to provide for our family.   Because Jason handles stress well, it's easy to forget what a relentless responsibility this is.  He works hard all day at the office, then starts pitching in here the moment he gets home.  With yesterday being Mother's Day, I felt keenly aware that the only reason I am lucky enough to stay home with our kids is because Jason provides so capably.  Rarely do I take the time to thank him, so please indulge me.  Thank you, love.

2)  Jason can figure out how to fix just about anything.  This resourcefulness is a key reason we are able to get by on a single income.  A trait he acquired from his Dad, Jason has saved us a small fortune on repair bills over the years.  This past weekend, he rescued our water heater from oblivion.  Hooray for hot showers!

3)  Jason supports me as I dream big.  While Jason may be the primary breadwinner of our family right now, he encourages me to pursue my own dreams and career goals as well.  Before Jason was offered the directorship of ASSIST in Salt Lake, he encouraged me to apply for an English Language Fellowship teaching overseas.  While a fellowship placement didn't work out for our family, if it had, I have no doubt that he would have been willing to set aside his own job for a year so that I could reboot my ESL career and we could all have another overseas adventure.

4)  Jason won't kill the snakes.  Okay, so I like snakes just about as much as I like spiders.  Unfortunately for me, a family of garter snakes likes our yard.  While in my mind it's a husbandly duty to make them disappear, he pretty much refuses. In the big scheme of things, I suppose this really is a good thing.  Jason has great respect and charity for all living things--even those that slither.  (Shudder.)

5)  Jason loves the outdoors.  It will come as no big surprise that the outdoor scene is a huge perk with our move West.  However, Jason's outdoor love is expressed here in the Midwest too where he rides his bike in all sorts of weather.  His deep desire to care for the earth is rarely stated in words but eloquently expressed over and over again through his actions.

6)  Jason takes forever putting the kids to bed.  8:30 bedtime is frequently stretched out past nine because Jason is reading to the kids.  I don't know who loves it more--the kids or Jason.  Either way, the quality time together is certainly worth more than a few extra winks.  (Hard for me to remember when Grouchy Mama just wants everyone to go to sleep so that she can sleep too.)

7)  Jason bakes amazing desserts.  If Jason acquired his fix-it-all skills from his Dad, he acquired his bake-it-all skills from his Mom.  Cheesecake, apple pie, banana cream pie, no bakes, rice pudding, tapioca pudding, homemade ice cream--Jason does it all.  His desserts are famous.  Thirteen years ago, his New York cheesecake (pure and unadulterated) won my heart.  More recently, he won over the youth in our ward who just yesterday were begging him to bake the desserts for his own farewell party.

8)  Jason is an incredible artist.  Okay, I lied.  I said that Jason's cheesecake won over my heart, but it was really his art.  The moment Jason sent me a sketch in Peru, I was smitten.  I spent hours analyzing the small drawing of a person slipping a love letter under a locked door.  Was my heart locked or was his?  Would the door open?  Did he mean to be flirtatious or were we just friends?  While most of those questions have been resolved (thank heavens), the sketches continue.  And truthfully, each one still amazes my heart.  If you've ever sat in a meeting with Jason, chances are that he has sketched you.  Here are just a few I found among our photos:

9)  No matter how busy he is, Jason makes family a priority.  When it come to meaningful and important events, he is there, even if it means long days with little sleep.

10)  Jason is courageous.  Not only does he willingly toss himself (and other family members) off cliffs, he is willing to take risks and try something new, even when it's a bit scary.

11)  Jason is both patient and forgiving.  After thirteen years of being married to me, he's had plenty of opportunities to practice.

12)   Jason is a man of great integrity.  I wish he would run for President.

13)  Last but not least, let's not forget devilishly handsome.

Happy Anniversary, Peanut Butter!


Jason said...

Thank you so much Kara, for the lovely post (in which you so graciously passed over my many faults), but even more so for spending these last 13 years with me. It's been an incredible adventure, with promise of many more adventures to come! Looking forward to the next 13... :)

Susie said...

Aw, how sweet! We think he's wonderful, too! And we well remember how smitten he was with you and a bit uncertain how to move forward in courting you. So glad he overcame his fears and pursued you. So glad you are part of our family and that you love Jason and take great care of him! Plus, you guys make the cutest grandkids!!

The Favorite said...

Happy Anniversary!