Friday, May 06, 2016

ArtVenture 2016

Catch-up or bust!  We're almost there, which is a good thing too, because life is moving forward full-speed.   Last night the littler kids and I went to a bat releasing at the Joslyn while Talia was at gymnastics and Brooklyn was performing at an area wide music concert where she played the cello, trumpet, and sang.  This morning I'm headed to the zoo with Eli's kindergarten class before hopping over to Do Space for the second level of Brooklyn's Read 2 Succeed competition.  All this before the Creighton baseball game that's scheduled for this evening.  (I told the YMCA I couldn't work their Family Night.)  Then tomorrow morning...well, you get the idea.

So the subject of this post--ArtVenture.  Yet another really cool Omaha thing that we will miss dearly.  Our Girl Scout Council matches young girls with local artists to create some pretty fantastic collaborative works of art which are then auctioned off as a fundraiser.  Here's Talia creating some pottery at Hot Shops, along with her good friend, Elena.

The rest of the Brownies were from other troops around Omaha.  I like how ArtVenture gives them a chance to meet one another.
Tim Barry, the man who runs this pottery studio, is amazing.  He is so great at inspiring youth to put down technology and be creative.

Passing around a wet clay bowl.

They each got to decorate a mug to bring home.  Talia's is the blue one with an elephant on top.

The unglazed piece is the cookie jar they created as a group.  Each girl contributed a turtle and a snail.

And now for the masterpiece.

Talia was pretty proud.

As for Brooklyn, she dabbled in oil painting with the most wonderful mentor, Ann Pape.  In addition to creating some canvases of their own, they each decorated a cupcake.  (Ann even brought them cupcakes from Jones Brothers as tasty inspiration.

This cupcake was Brooklyn's.  Love the texture!

NomiAnn sure enjoyed coming to see her granddaughters' art.

Eila too!  ('Cause I know you were thinking, gosh, they sure didn't do much while she was there.)  This was her last stop before heading straight to the airport to go home and see Zoe and Daddy.

There were so many amazing pieces of art that I can't begin to share them all, so I'll just post my favorite: a rangoli art installation created with an internationally recognized artist from Singapore.  So beautiful!

ArtVenture, we'll miss you!

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