Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Easter 2016: Eggs, Excitement, and Eila

Dilemmas!  My hubby is tired and wants me to come to bed, but I want to post pictures of Easter because I started downloading them this morning, and gosh-darn-it--I just want to do something today that won't be undone tomorrow.  The compromise?  I'll try to keep the text brief.

Speaking of my amazing hubby, he is currently serving as the Young Men's president in our ward (local church congregation) and loves it.  The Young Men helped organize this year's Easter egg hunt for the littler kids.  They did a great job filling all the eggs.  Only thing they forgot was to arrange for clear skies with the Head Honcho upstairs.  No worries.  Nursery thought hunting for their eggs in the gymnasium was great.  They collected so many that they would fall unnoticed out of their baskets, and then they got to gather them all over again.  Talk about fun!

Annika certainly liked this cute zebra egg.

Enjoying ice cream after with her friend Jarrett.  Judging by the change of wardrobe, it must have been a few hours later when we came back to the church for a friend's baptism.

Even more exciting than the church Easter egg hunt was the arrival of Aunt Callie and Eila later that afternoon, having flown all the way from Washington.  Check out these awesome Easter eggs that we dyed using silk ties.

My favorite patterns are the little house and the bottle of Tabasco.

Okay, so our eggs weren't actually that successful after all.  Brilliant as I am, I thought it would be a bright idea to use some plastic decorating eggs so that we could keep them from year to year.  Apparently the plastic didn't hold up to boiling all that well.  (You boil them to get the silk dye to transfer.)

Brooklyn's face says it all: Nice one, Mom.

At least we redeemed ourselves by dying some real eggs too.  Eli seems to have the trick down.

Talk about multi-tasking!  Talia's getting her hair curled even while she decorates eggs.

At last, Easter morning!  Isn't Eila the most adorable bunny you've ever seen?

Eila, your Momma's pretty pretty too.  :)

 Eila decides what to think about her very first Purple Peeps.

Annika demonstrates how big girl bunnies tear into their Easter baskets.

 Make sure to grab all the lollipops!  And Talia, that hairnet suits you.  Oh, the things we do for beauty.

Eli certainly seems to have made out well.

His Easter bucket even doubles as a hat!

Such a sweet hug between NomiAnn and Papa Kay before our Easter brunch.

Once church was over, we grabbed all the littles to try and shoot a cousin photo.  Don't they look precious in their matching Easter outfits?  Thank you, NomiAnn and Papa Kay!

Sorry Eli, you're definitely the odd man out.

I love the sweet little matching bows that NomiAnn and Callie made.

A slightly goofy Wheeler family photo.  (I actually kind of like this one.)

Aunt Callie and Eila join our photo shoot.  Whoa.  Not much height differential there!

At long last, it was time for the Easter egg hunt.  Ready, set, go!

Eila caught on really quickly.  Cuteness overload.

Of course, this moment had to be well-documented.

Annika must have discovered a necklace.

Bottoms up!  Brooklyn and Talia hunt in the back.

Eli scavenges through the trees.

 Annika explores the wild side of the Andrus family's amazing backyard.

A truly bountiful basket, this Easter Egg booty sparkles in the afternoon light.

Gap-toothed smiles are the best!

Callie gives Eila a touch of guidance.

Such a pretty pair!  Callie, motherhood totally suits you.

Last but not least, Eila had her inaugural ride on the zipline.  Whee!  (Okay, it was an inaugural sit until the squeal started, but hey, at least it was a beginning.)

Perfect weather for the perfect Easter egg hunt with the perfect company.  (Minus Adam and Zoe, who were dearly missed, of course.)  Only thing left to do is to go back inside for the perfect nap.

And now, it's off to bed with me to snuggle with my ever-so-patient (and quite possibly snoring) husband.

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