Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Wonderful Wheeler Whirlwind

We have been so blessed this past month to have a literal flood of family come and visit. Apparently all you have to do to spend time with those you love and care about is move someplace as exciting as La France. Here are some of my favorite photos from our time together with Jason’s family.

The fun began when Grandma Susie and Grandpa Charles traveled all the way from Hyde Park, Utah to come see us (especially the grandkids.) Amazingly, they brought beautiful Spring weather with them. The blossoms came out as soon as they arrived, and it didn't rain until they were walking back to the airport bus.

The next day, Aunt Chou arrived the trip from Brooklyn, New York (our BMW is convinced that it's "her" city.)

The fun continued on the day following when Uncle Ben arrived, along with Uncle Lance, who is studying abroad this semester in Poitiers, France.

While it was admittedly a bit crazy trying to squeeze so many people into a one-bedroom apartment, we had a great time exploring Lyon and enjoying one another's company.

There's no better to way to pass the time when waiting for the train than to make one of your own.

Watch out, Papa Charles! It looks like Talia's dripping...

All clean!

One of the highlights was the road trip that we took to explore Lance's home court in Poitiers. What a beautiful little city!

The girls really liked the carousel in the park. As a Mom, however, I was less than thrilled when my daredevil Talia decided that she wanted to ride shotgun and climbed over to the front seat in the middle of the ride!

Of course, the scenery that we saw along the way to Poitiers was as pretty and memorable as the city itself.

Make way, Baby Belly coming through...

All in all, the time passed far too quickly--kind of like a whirlwind that left everyone a bit tuckered out.

But ah, what sweet dreams the memories will bring!


Mrs. M said...

It does sound wonderful and it looks wonderful! Ah, la douce France....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of beautiful families in beautiful settings! (However, Tally Wally's tile floor bed looks a bit hard ... not that it seems to bother her slumber.)

chou said...

Oh, lovely photos!

Marilee Johnson said...

You weren't lonely!