Friday, April 17, 2009

A Tickle for a Tinkle

When Jason was younger, he and his brothers loved to tickle their sister until she had nearly wet her pants. I've always found these stories both humorous and cruel--little did I know that these tickling skills might some day come in very handy.

You see, our poor Brooklyn has a bladder infection. Before we could start her on a course of antibiotics, she had to provide a urine sample for the lab to analyze. Unfortunately, when you have a urinary tract infection, it really hurts to go. Try as we might, we simply could not convince her to go at the lab. After twenty minutes we gave up, took a cup with us, and went to play at the Parc Tete d'Or. While we were there, she suddenly decided that she needed to go after all (surprise, suprise.) So, brave Jason headed off to the potties with Brooklyn and the cup.

After about twenty minutes, I finally phoned Jason to make sure that everything was okay--after all, they'd been gone a while. With discouragement in his voice, he confessed that he'd dropped the cup. Now you have to understand that the public toilets at the Parc are nothing but an enameled hole in the ground--not even a toilet seat. There was no way we were going fishing for that one.

Fortunately, Brooklyn still hadn't gone, so we all trekked back to the lab and sheepishly asked for another cup. Another fifteen minutes in the bathroom, and still Brooklyn refused to "let it out" because it was going to hurt. (With bladder control and a will like hers, it's no wonder she's got an infection.)

By this time, the lab was closing. The lady at the desk let me know that they have someone there 24/7 to collect samples so we could try again at home. If successful, we could ring the bell and leave a "petit cadeau" for the person who answered.

It was 7:30 pm by the time we finally made it back home, and I hadn't shopped for dinner yet, so I went to grab sandwiches while Jason stayed with the girls. When I got back home, Jason met me at the door with a triumphant, beaming smile: "I got it! I tickled her!" Yes, inspiration hit, and Jason remembered his childhood days of mischief. He managed to tickle Brooklyn until she simply couldn't hold it anymore.

Despite the fact that it was now thundering and lightning and we still had to trek back to the lab, there was still much rejoicing all around. The moral of the story: If you're troubled by a tinkle, try a tickle. :)


Tanja said...

I read recently that cranberry juice is helping to kill the germs (Escherichia coli)in the bladder. Maybe it will help.

Justin said...

Bwahaha! Great use of your talents, Sr. Jason. I salute you for your efforts and triumph!