Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Boons of a Bloodbath

Despite the incredibly gory title of this blogpost, it's actually quite innocent. You see, ours is a home full of water drinkers. When visitors come for dinner, they are usually offered the choice of water, possibly milk, and if they are extremely fortunate, a bit of juice. Tonight Brooklyn led an intellectual discussion at the dinner table about the virtues of drinking water.

Brooklyn: "When we drink we drink lots of water, it's good for us because it washes our insides. It cleans all of the bad stuff out of our blood too, because sometimes it gets dirty. It's like a bath for our blood..." (Pause for reflection, then a moment of enlightenment. She continues on with great excitement.) "A bloodbath!"


Anonymous said...

I appreciate Brooklyn's literal virtuous view of bathing blood. Having read many, many road rage cases lately, I have been focused too much on vicious bloodbaths. Bye, Bye.

Mrs. M said...

Ha! That's great.