Monday, April 13, 2009

Joyeuses Paques!

Our Easter celebrations in France were wonderful, albeit quite different than in the States. Despite much searching, I never did find any Easter egg dye. Even if I had, I doubt that I could have found any white eggs. (I'm guessing that brown eggs don't show the color very well.) Plastic eggs are also non-existent, but the replacement is much better.

The French fill giant chocolate eggs with delicious smaller chocolates and other goodies. Yum! This picture also shows the traditional Easter bell. In France, it's not the Easter bunny that delivers the goodies, but rather the Easter bell that comes all the way from Rome to drop off tasty treats.

Fortunately for us, the Easter bell found us all the way in Lyon.
Talia, however, must have noticed the vacancy in the Easter bunny position because she shocked us all by coming out dressed in nothing but her bunny ears!

Fortunately, the Easter dresses that NomiAnn sent saved the day (and kept the girls more decent.) They looked and felt like princesses.

We spent most of Easter day with the Conessa family who invited us (and Jason's Uncle Merlen) to eat with them. True to French style, dinner was amazing!

It was also lots of fun because our Brazilian friends, Fabio and Fernanda, joined the festivities. We were lucky to have them there, because they helped carry the load when Talia crashed on our hike around the lake.

All in all, it was a great day to remember!


Anonymous said...

Terrific photos one again! (However, I am a bit troubled by Talia's innocent audition for a centerfold photo). I do like the French chocolate eggs within a giant egg tradition; hollow American chocolate Easter bunnies are highly over-rated. How either tradition relates to the real reason for Easter escapes me.
Keep Smiling!

chou said...

What a wonderful Easter. I'm glad that Uncle Merlin got to come and play!

Susie said...

Thanks for sharing Easter with us, as we didn't have a visitor from either the bunny OR the bell! Fun photos, darling children (grand and otherwise!)

Brianna said...

Hey I love those big chocolate eggs. They do the same thing in Brazil minus the bell and I bet the chocolate is a lot better in France.

Fernanda and Fabio said...

Finnaly we found your blog. It's cool. Kara writes really well. Thanks for your friendship.