Saturday, July 08, 2017

The Living Room

The arrival of May brought both warmer weather and a marathon taper--welcome reasons to hike.  I'd been anxious to try out the trail to the "Living Room" ever since I read about it in "60 hikes within 60 miles."  We began by catching the Bonneville Shoreline Trail right outside the Natural History Museum.

As you can see, the wildflowers were beautiful.  Annika came dressed as a lab scientist.

While not terribly long, the trail was quite steep for carrying Annika, especially since Jason and I had both run twelve miles that morning.  (Interesting how we define a "short" run during a marathon taper.)   With legs of steel, this man is amazing.

Once we finally reached the Living Room, we discovered all sorts of furniture that had been assembled using these giant slabs of sandstone.

Brooklyn takes a moment to rest in her stony armchair.

Eli and I relax in a loveseat.  As you can see, the Living Room was actually fairly crowded.  Apparently we weren't the only ones inspired to hike there.

Looking out on the valley below.

Talia snuggles in for a cozy nap.

Despite our weary legs, Jason and I both survived our trek to the top.

And our littlest princess Annika, working her way up the throne.

One final photo from the couch.

Three cheers for the creative minds who gave us a good spot to rest in the most unlikely of places.  We'll be back.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone think to build a family restroom near the hardscape living room furniture?

Jason said...

Yes Papa Kay, God provided a bush. And some prickly pears for cleaning up with afterwards...