Sunday, July 02, 2017

Around Town in April

'K folks, I am way too tired to be doing this, but I refuse to go to bed until April is history.  Here's the final rundown before May raised her busy head.

Preschool!  I always love a good excuse to play trains.

Art at the Leonardo.  Our tissue paper flowers turned into some pretty adorable hairbows.

Plus, we got to paint.

When Annika and I went to the Hogle zoo, we were surprised by their new exhibit, Bugzillas.


Annika danced throughout April...sort of.  She tended to spend much more time talking than dancing.  Not to mention the mini-performance where she spent most of the time picking her nose...

On the home front, we had great fun playing with Galaxy Slime.


The munchkins also loved orchestrating their own Studio C skit reenactments of Bop It.

We played the squarest game of Qwirkle around.

Even at the end, it looked impressively blocky.  Loads of high-scoring double qwirkles there.

Last but not least, Annika took great care of all her stuffed animal friends, even sharing her ice cream.
While Annie still loves her stuffed animals, she's lately taken to digging in the dirt until she finds real animal friends to play with.  If you ask her, she will tell you all about her pet worm.  Today she found a roly poly and entertained it for nearly an hour.  Just hope it survived.

And there you have it--April in a nutshell.  Now off to bed!

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