Monday, July 10, 2017

Papa Kay and our Wild Weekend

While most weekends are busy, our Ogden marathon weekend was particularly so.  Luckily Papa Kay flew in from Omaha to help us through all of the chaos.  Here he is feeding the ducks and geese at Liberty Park with Annika while I went on my last training run.

We'd discovered this fowl fun a few days earlier.

These guys certainly aren't shy!  They kept begging for more, even after the pellets were gone.

That evening Annika got suddenly ill so Papa Kay watched the kids while we took her to Instacare for croup.  Jason and I both wondered if we should pull out of our race.  Fortunately she slept well so we trusted in my Dad's capable hands and kissed the crew goodbye to catch our 4:00 am race bus.  Papa Kay managed to get the whole group out the door and up to Ogden in time to cheer on all of the runners, waving to us from the bleachers at the finish.  That deserves a medal!

After the race, we grabbed lunch and then headed to Brooklyn's and Talia's piano recital at 2:00 pm.  With so much family there to applaud, the kids felt loved and supported.  If I recall correctly, there was theme music from Harry Potter and the Lion King as well as a Spinning Song and Scheherezade.

Following the piano recital, Grandma Susie saved the day with her sloppy joes.  Annika had a great time transforming her watermelon wedges into playmates.

Of course, Jason and Brooklyn had to miss the meal because they were at a dress rehearsal for a ward talent show that evening.  I think Jason had fun unleashing his inner tattoo artist.

It's Maui time!  Good to know that if this whole architect/executive director thing doesn't work out, inking might.

The talent show was loads of fun.  Brooklyn sang and played the guitar to a tune from "Once I was a Beehive."  She also was one of the emcees and played cello in a string ensemble performing "Viva La Vida."  Plus there was the "We Know the Way" finale where everyone waved flags from their cardboard boats.  Like I said, a busy day.

Despite being a day of rest, Sunday started early with a 7:00 am meeting with the stake president.  I gave a talk on Prayer and Personal Revelation during our sacrament service, then we sent Annika and my Dad home since we didn't want to share any germs.  While Annie was quite concerned that her Sunbeam teachers would miss her, she had a great time with Papa Kay at Temple Square instead.

Once church was over, we finally had a moment to relax and unwind.  We took a lovely drive up to the "U" for a look at the valley below.

Papa Kay, thank you one last time for joining us on this wild weekend.
We couldn't have done it without you.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes! It was an eventful, wonderful, very scripted weekend! Lots of fun really.