Friday, July 07, 2017

Moving on to May

This is very unique moment for me right now.  I have *no* kids around, and haven't had for nearly 24 hours.  I won't be reunited with any of them until I pick up Talia from Girl Scout camp at 9:00 am tomorrow morning.  Yesterday Christy said she was headed to Logan and asked if she could take some kids along.  Sure!  I sent her with three, meaning that my life just got very simple while hers just got much more complicated.  Surprise, Grandma Susie and Grandpa Charles!  Hope it's a good one.

Since it's a bazillion degrees outside right now (or at least 98), I thought I'd use my quiet time for a blogfest.  Enjoy!

As one might expect, we had many beautiful days in May and often enjoyed playing outdoors.  This park is in Canyon Rim, right by where Brooklyn and Eli rehearse for choir.

This fun park is near the Fairmont Aquatic center.  Different day, same Snow White costume.

Brooklyn, I love how attentive you are to your sister, giving Annie a boost whenever she needs.

And these pictures were taken at the park down the road with our new digital SLR camera, a gift to Jason for our 14th anniversary.  (Well, not the first pic.  Obviously.)

Talia perfecting her mill circles.

 It's not often you catch me playing frisbee, so we'd best document it.

 Who doesn't adore May evenings as the days grow longer?

Deer in the cemetery.

When Brooklyn went to do youth baptisms in May, the rest of us enjoyed the flowers on Temple Square and the fountains at City Creek.

 Of course, not every day in May was beautiful.  We did have more snow!

 Watching it fall.

Unsurprisingly, May was super busy with end of the year festivities.  I chaperoned Brooklyn's sixth grade field trip to Lagoon amusement park...

...and Talia's field trip to the zoo.

 I was supposed to go with Eli's class to the Tracey Aviary as well, but Annika got quite sick with croup.  Poor girl!

What else in May?  I baked a pie...

...for Eli, our Jedi.  (And everybody else too.)

The kids brought home lots of art from school which promptly decorated their bedroom wall.

Of course, Talia regularly decorates her ceiling too.  I think its kind of cool that she goes to sleep looking at her list of Goals (1. To go on a mission  2. To go to BYU  3. To be a gymnast  4. To read the Book of Mormon by the time I'm twelve  5. To keep my room clean  6. To get married in the temple)

 We worked around the yard in May, moving this Red Maple from here... there.  Let's hope it survives the transplant.

Last but not least, Brooklyn chopped her hair in May, just a few days before the end of her elementary school career and right before she headed to Europe.  Here she is looking more grown-up than ever.

 Boarding the bus for her very last elementary school ride.  (This is where I wipe away a tear.)

I guess her hair was short when she started kindergarten seven years ago, but my, how time flies.

 Love you munchkins!  Miss you.

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Anonymous said...

Brooklyn had great confidence when she started kindergarten and continues to have it at age 12 ... Her love of learning and her desire to make right choices support her strong confidence levels. She is a good example for her siblings, all of whom seem to be making good choices as well. You are so blessed!