Sunday, July 02, 2017

Boisterous in Boise

In case anyone wondered why Annika wasn't in any of the pictures taken at Temple Square from the last post, well, she was playing hooky with her Grandpa Charles.

If, like me, you were wondering where in the world they shared a bench with Honest Abe, well, it wasn't the Land of Lincoln.

'Twas Boise!

Jason and Annika accompanied Charles and Susie up to Idaho to celebrate the marriage of Jason's cousin Devin to his sweetheart, Princess.  (And yes, that's her real name.)

Judging from the pictures, Annika had a blast hanging out with all her quasi-cousins.  This dance was the cutest thing ever.

Hanging out with Aunt Connie and Uncle Bob right before they left on their mission to West Virginia.

Okay, so I have to confess. When I saw these pictures I was positively horrified that nobody fixed Annika's hair.  What a ragamuffin!

Of course, expecting Daddy Jason to do Annie's hair might have been too much pressure.  On closer inspection, the challenge of taming his own hair may have been more than he could handle.  ;) (Boy am I going to be in the dog house for writing that!  When I mentioned that he looked like he just crawled out of bed, he told me that he'd run fourteen miles that morning and was tired.  Excuses!)

Even though I wasn't there, I'm sure that seeing family was the best part of Boise.  Sure love you, Grandma!

And before I knew it, my little pirate was back home.
Hey there matey, glad ye enjoyed yerself and glad yer back.  Argh!

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