Thursday, July 02, 2015

Young at Heart

Our kids are growing up so quickly that sometimes it makes me sad. At other moments, I feel grateful that they've stayed "young," engaging in creative play long after many of their peers have been lost to video games.  I love this image of 10 year-old Brooklyn, happily dressed up as a princess as her scientific mind works on concocting a sound system with snap circuits.

The tune she wanted?  Here comes the bride.  As you can see, our basement recently hosted a royal wedding.

Just for the record, the prince did indeed kiss the bride.  I've got it on video to use as blackmail in future years.

While I may name my gray hairs after our munchkins, their laughter keeps me young.


Anonymous said...

The Prince Charming, and princess costumes (Cinderella and Rapunzel ) have held up very well over the years. Cathianne should be happy with her high quality sewing. The gift of imagination is so special. I believe we start to get old the moment we stop imagining things.

Shea Gibbons said...

This made me happy :) I hope my kids stay in that sweet, happy, imagination-filled part of childhood as long as your kids as well. (This is obviously, Erin, although I'm typing from my husband's log-in.)