Friday, July 24, 2015

Camp Cloud Rim 2015

During our second week in Utah, Brooklyn and Talia headed to Girl Scout camp for three days at Camp Cloud Rim, just above Park City. The location is positively stunning, nestled high in the aspen groves near a mountain lake. After dropping them off, Jason and I wished that we could go to camp too!

Here are Talia and Brooklyn, all excited and ready to go. 

At camp, the girls were better known as Periwinkle (Talia) and Marigold (Brooklyn.)

Before starting camp, all the girls had to be checked for aliens (lice).  Fortunately none were found.

The girls wanted to take a picture outside of the climbing wall.  Brooklyn was particularly excited about making it all the way to the top during camp.

Time to unload the bags!

One last photo with Mom and Dad before saying goodbye.

Talia stayed in Eleanor Roosevelt, the same cabin that Brooklyn stayed in three years ago.  This year Brooklyn graduated to the platform tents that you can see in the background of this photo.

While I don't have any pictures from camp itself, I'll share the letter that Talia mailed home. 

Hi Mom & dad,

Camp's been great!  On Monday we played a game to remember are names.  Then we went to lunch.  We had sandwiches with chips.  Then we went to the lake to learn about it.  Then we had dinner.  It was pasta with garlik bread.  Then we went to sleep  Today we had pankakes, bacon and cerial.  We did Pottery and I made a bank.  After Pottery we had lunch.  Macarony & chease.  After lunch we did hair wraps and painted recycleing cans.  Then we went to water front.  I rode in Romio and in a padle boat.  [Apparently they had paddle boats named Romeo and Juliet.]  Then we went to the trading post.  I got a diary.  Then we went to diner.  Chiken & rice.  Then we saved 6 counsulars from Mr. Mascito [mosquito].  Then we had yummy smores.  Then we went to bed.  Tomorrow were doing the pirite [pirate] plank.  [I believe that means jumping in the lake at 6 am.]  Then we'll have breakfast.  Eggs and potatos.  Then we'll take a shower and go on a hike.  We'll decorate T-shirts.  Then you will pick us up.  Camp is so much fun.  I love you.

Love, Talia Wheeler

So sweet!  I love how Talia described every single meal.  You can tell what my children really value!  Talia's program was called Painting Pottery Pals, so she spent a bit of time in the craft room.  Here she is showing off the pottery she made and the T-shirt she painted.

Brooklyn's program, on the other hand, was called Try It, You'll Like It.  Here she is sitting with some of the friends she made.  She had such a great time that she's already plotting about how to make camp a family tradition.

Speaking of family, we were so grateful to be safely reunited, particularly after a harrowing experience on our way to pick up the girls.  Jason and I saw a car roll right in front of us while traveling on I-15--so horrible!  Ever since then, we've been extra vigilant driving and particularly thankful for the time we have together.

On our way back to Logan, we stopped for a very quick hike to a mountain summit.  Here's Brooklyn on the trek up.

At the top we found some solar panels.  Looks like Talia needs a recharge!

Here I am with my two precious gals.

Jason with the same sweet princesses.

Jason figured out how to shoot a panoramic with his new iPhone 6.

Savoring a piece of paradise.
Camp may be lovely, but nothing is quite as comforting as coming home.

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