Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Loving Life in Logan

Alrighty, we're just going to call this speed blogging 101. I usually spend far too much time trying to come up with cohesive (and possibly even witty) posts, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Due to the unusual hardships of being stuck in a lovely home full of lovely people on the banks of lovely Lake George without wifi, I am being forced to connect with actual people instead of online profiles, creating real memories instead of virtual ones. It's lovely. Only thing that would make it better is if my hubby were here. Miss you, Peanut Butter!

Since I am holed up at McDonalds stealing their wifi for a few minutes, here are some more photos from our lovely to visit to Hyde Park in June.

We drove all day on Saturday, arriving in time for Susie's patriotic concert with the American Festival Chorus and Utah State Alumni Band on Sunday evening.  Here's our crew all lined up in the auditorium, waiting for the concert to start.  You may notice the lovely Kate Taylor in the background--friend and family of Wheelers everywhere.  :)

While it's pretty hard to see, here's a photo of Susie (a brown head behind the bald trombone player.)  Believe it or not, as an upcoming fifth grader, Brooklyn got to join in for a couple of numbers too.  She's on the end of the riser wearing purple.

Susie and Brooklyn, looking patriotic and proud following this lovely performance.

And here's Jason with Annika.  Wonder of wonders, our munchkin finally fell asleep, letting us enjoy a bit more of the music.

Some post-performance smiles.

An adorable photo of Kate with all of our cuties.

I liked all the giggling in this shot.

Last but not least, playtime at home.  Our little Annie Mae was right at home in Kate's arms...

...or on the pavement, being silhoutted by sidewalk chalk.  Fun times!

On to other Hyde Park adventures...we loved seeing the mountains again!  Talia and I went running up the canyon together a few times.

Here are Jason and Charles and Annie on the back side of Lions Park.

Do you like the new astroturf play stucture?  My kids sure did!

As for my biggest kid, he had the most fun playing frisbee.

Talia, on the other hand, loved doing cartwheels.  Lots of cartwheels.  We have a video of her doing twelve in a row.

Our energetic munchkin.

Oh wait, there she goes again, in front of Grandma and Grandpa's home this time.

Suise and I, enjoying a peaceful picnic on the grass.

Grandma Susie has the greatest toys, carefully saved from the days when her own children were young.  Annie loved doing dishes in her very own sink.

If I had enough faith (and perhaps a good enough reason), I could move those gorgeous mountains right into my Nebraskan backyard.

While in Logan, we had fun exploring some of the local splash pads, all the way from North Logan to Providence.  Here's Eli, having a squirtingly grand time.

Brooklyn is the monkey in the middle.

Dance, dance, dance!

Love the scenic backdrop.

Is it just me, or does Grandma Susie look younger every day?  Must be the youthful vigor of all those grandkids rubbing off.  :)

Speaking of Grandma Susie, no post would be complete without a few shots of the amazing food that comes from her kitchen (with lots of help from Grandpa Charles too, of course.)  I adore the salads...

But nothing spells love as dearly as her pies.

Thanks, Susie and Charles!  And to my own sweet pie on his Omaha own, I love you as much as a strawberry rhubarb, peach, apple, and banana cream combined.

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