Friday, July 10, 2015

Crazy About Quest

Continuing our summer catch-up, Brooklyn had  a pretty awesome experience at the beginning of June.  She spent two weeks at "Quest," focusing on mathematics with a group of similarly bright and motivated fifth graders from all over the city.  On the last day, they had a great open house where they shared what they had learned.  My favorite part was this dance highlighting seven habits of happy kids to the tune of "Dynamite."

Here's Brooklyn next to her friend Sadie, teaching us how to make an origami magic circle, or ninja star.


I really liked this pyramid fractal, a Sierpinski triangle.

They used beads to make bracelets sharing their birthdates through binary numbers.

Next station: sonobe cubes.  (I took a lot of pictures to use as future ideas, in case I ever need to throw together something similar.)

Annika thought these geodesic domes they made out of newspaper were pretty nifty.

"I stuck!"  Annie, maybe if you use some of the Mayan or Egyptian number systems the class studied, you'll be able to figure it out.

Last but not least, Brooklyn and Talia pose for a photo with the Einstein (a favorite of the kids because his pants kept slipping down.)

Overall, I was quite impressed with the program and grateful for the extra enrichment in math.  In general, I feel like our children are challenged in language arts through the dual language program at Crestridge, but it's much harder to get them engaged and excited about math and science.  Quest was a great way to get these analytical minds really thinking, even in summer.

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Susie said...

Fun to see a sampling of what Brooklyn was able to experience through Quest. Sounds and looks pretty awesome!