Friday, July 24, 2015

God's Art and Ours--More Fun in Logan

After many long miles, we're safely and happily back from our New York vacation. Since it's far too hot and humid to go outside and play, the big kids are currently cuddled up in front of a movie in the cool basement. Annie is napping, and I am reacquainting myself with technology.

So where did I leave off... Our Utah vacation! It will come as no surprise that we headed to the mountains just as soon as we could.  Susie took us on this lovely hike just over the border into Idaho.  Wish I could remember what it was called!

The kids loved photographing all of the wildflowers...

...along with the crawly caterpillars.

We originally went searching for a natural spring.  While we may not have found the spring, we got to picnic next to a burbling brook instead.

Brooklyn made a great friend in Hyde Park named Kenlie.  We kidnapped her to join us for our fun afternoon of hiking.  Too bad we couldn't steal her away to Omaha as well!

Annie Mae enjoying her "samwich."

Kenlie stems from a legacy of hikers.  Her grandparents, Dave and Karen Suisse, raise goats to haul their loot on overnight backpacking adventures.  Some of Jason's greatest teenage memories involve hiking the Wind Rivers with Dave.  As if that's not enough, the Suisses just returned from a mission in Lithuania where they got to know our good friends Kes, Lina, Liepa, and Egle.  What a small world!

While nothing can quite match the outdoors scene in Logan, the city's commitment to the arts is a close second.  Between the Ellen Eccles Theater, Utah Festival Opera, and American Festival Chorus, there is always something great going on.  Even the local Four Seasons community theater is fantastic--the production we saw of Mary Poppins was incredible.  This year we were lucky to catch the Summerfest Arts Faire, held on the grounds just outside the tabernacle.  Here's Brooklyn admiring some of the woodworking.

Since we didn't have a lot of extra money to spend on art work, we spent most of our time creating our own masterpieces in the kids zone.  Here's Eli adorning a suncatcher.

Susie was a pro at threading the yarn through the tiny holes.

Eli's mask lasted much longer than his edible necklace.

Talia looks up and smiles while making a slap bracelet.

My favorite station was the bubbles.

Brooklyn had a special knack for making giant bubbles from yarn.

Eli was fascinated by the reflecting light.

Last but not least, the wind sock.  If there's no wind, run!

Since it was a hot day, we headed down to the canal afterward for a quick splash to cool off.

Nothing makes Annie happier than getting to wear her "swim soup."

Even ankle deep, the water was plenty chilly, right Talia Lily?

Sun and mud--the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Today I'm feeling grateful for all the beauty in this world of ours.  How about you?

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Susie said...

So much fun! Loved having you here and getting to play with you all :) Thanks for the memories through your pictures.