Monday, August 04, 2014

Our Alaskan Dream Cruise

The summer of 2014 will long be remembered as the summer we cruised all the way from Vancouver to Seward, Alaska.  Any recollection of our epic vacation begins with a discussion of this handsome man: John Wells, Sr.

In 2007, my Grandpa Wells generously took the entire family on a cruise through the Caribbean.  During that cruise, we talked about how we should gather in five years for an Alaskan cruise if he made it to 80.
Well, Grampa Grampa's eightieth birthday is one week from now, and as you can see he is still youthful as ever.  (In fact, there's already talk of another cruise for eighty five!)

So as you've probably surmised, our family's luxury vacation was thanks to my grandfather's generosity.  Even before the cruise, we felt positively spoiled each time we told our friends where we were vacationing.  Naturally the cruise itself spoiled me more.  Eight days without making a single bed or washing a single dish!  The hardest work we did all day was deciding what to order at our formal dinner.
Here are NomiAnn and Papa Kay deliberating over their dinner choices.
Between appetizers, soups and salads, entrees, and desserts, dinner always took a while--leaving plenty of time for conversation.  Adam and Callie probably got sick of our faces...

...but we never tired of theirs!  Adam was exceptionally entertaining.  :)

Adam's silly faces were much appreciated as we struggled to keep Annika entertained (and restrained).  Believe it or not, we traveled with our own high chair since she wiggles out of all the rest.  We only checked one bag for the six of us, so it's a good thing the high chair collapses into a carry-on!
Here's Annika snuggling with the plush pug that Baby Bump so generously shared.
Practicing for Zoe hugs.  So sweet!
We didn't get to chat much with those assigned to different tables, but from the pictures it seems like they had a great time as well. 
Here are my Uncle Bob and Aunt Alison.
And here are the boys: Gregory, Alex, and Eli who is far too busy eating to stop and smile.  The dessert?  Baked Alaska.
Katelyn and Brooklyn with Giday, the world's best waiter.  This man went above and beyond to keep our kids entertained so that we could enjoy our meals.
One of the best parts about hanging out in the dining room was the view.
Of course, the view was also cruelly tantalizing.  Even though most days were overcast, the sun would generally peek through while we dined.  No matter how tasty the dinner selection, part of me wanted to be on deck fully enjoying the Alaskan coast.

During one meal we slipped out to take a family photo.  This one would have been great except for the hair in Talia's face.

This shot would have worked had Eli been more amenable.

Ah well, at least I got a nice photo with my sister.  (Crazy how much we look alike!)

Some things just belong together, like PB&J.
In a dream world, I'll get around to posting pictures of our ports of call tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with this photo of Eli's actual sleeping accommodations and wish everyone a good night.  Que sueñes con los angelitos.

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So excited you got to add this to your memory folder! Looking forward to more photos!