Monday, July 28, 2014

Bump or Bumpette?

When we arrived at the docks in Vancouver, the very first people we saw were Aunt Callie and Uncle Adam.  Gorgeous as always, Callie was looking, well, a touch rounder.
So cute!  Even Annika noticed.
We would have blamed the portion sizes, but we hadn't even reached the dining room yet.
Tuck in!
In the end, the kids were just as enchanted by their auntie and uncle as ever.

Even so, as we left the port, we knew we wanted to throw Callie a baby shower.

Fortunately we came prepared.  With a lot of help from my cousin Alesia, a bag of diapers was transformed into an attractive (but inedible) cake.
Usually the baby-to-be gets to keep the diapers.  Since we were traveling light however, Annika borrowed them first.  Rumor is that Baby Bump doesn't want them back.

Some of the guests:
My Aunt Janet and her gorgeous daughters: Jeanette, Alesia, and Katelyn (from left to right).  Jeanette survived her freshman year, Alesia recently landed her first teaching job after finishing her Masters at Columbia, and Katelyn just graduated high school.

Grandpa's wife Elaine was kind enough to share her stateroom for the party.  Here she is (right) pictured with her sister-in-law Beverly.
Brooklyn with my cousin Kathryn LaFroscia.  Kate will be a high school Senior this year.

Sisters: Alison LaFroscia and Cathy Ann Andrus. 
NomiAnn gets the most credit for making the party fun and beautiful.
Party games and favors all ready to go. 
Only thing missing is the Mom-to-be!
So the party was almost a surprise.  Papa K accidentally let something slip at the last moment, resulting in a comment on how he ought to pitch himself overboard.  We're glad he didn't.
All of the lovely ladies:
We originally talked about breaking tradition by inviting the boys as well, but there are only so many people you can fit in a single stateroom.
Time to open presents.
Teeny tiny baby clothes!
And who can resist the eensy weensy shoes?
Alright, alright, I'm pretty mean for posting this pic, but Callie has the most amazing facial expressions ever.  I just couldn't resist.
I don't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure this picture was taken after someone said something that hinted towards how Bump came to exist.  Sorry little sis, secret's out!
The younger generation was far too busy reading all of the great kid books to care about the conversation.
And now for the best present of all.
A pug in a box.  Does it get any cuter than that?
Check out the curly tail!
And a belly button too.  Bee bo!
Aw, there's even a hoodie to keep Puggy dry in the Washington rain.

Do you think she likes it?

Pug hugs!

We all know who this present really belongs to.  Sorry Bump.

And now a photo of the puppy with the creator, Alesia.  This lovely gal actually taught herself to knit and made the whole thing.  AMAZING.
Wish my photo were as great as your talent, Alesia!
Wonderful as the baby shower was, an even better surprise awaited us that evening.  A few days before the cruise, Callie and Adam had a twenty-week ultrasound.  Instead of finding out the gender right then, they asked the ultrasound technician to fax the results to their favorite bakery. 

Formal night seemed the perfect occasion for the big revelation.  Before opening the pink and blue cookie boxes, everybody had to choose either a blue mustache or pink hairbow, depending on their prediction of a boy or a girl.  Here we are explaining the process to Grandpa:

We asked Annie to pick a hairbow or a mustache, but she just picked her nose instead.

Predictions, please.

Team Pink: Adam, Alison, Janet, Elaine, Gregory, Katelyn, NomiAnn, Brooklyn, and Alesia
Team Blue:  Callie, Kara, Annika, Talia, Papa K, Uncle Jay, Katelyn, Jeanette, Uncle Bob, Alex, and Jason (who is behind the camera, of course)
Waffling Pink Bowtie:  Grampa Grampa.

Oh, the anticipation...

Pink for the victory!
Callie, you may have worn blue, but Adam was right.  Bump's a girl!
Make way for the newest princess.  :)
Ready or not, Momma, here she comes!

Tasty treats to celebrate.
So Callie and Adam served these tasty "Bite Me" sugar cookies at their wedding and PLU graduation parties.  When Callie contacted the company about this special announcement request, they baked the cookies for free as a baby gift.  So not only are the cookies all-natural and locally-produced, but the people are super nice as well.  Pretty much the best cookies ever.  Just right for the best sister ever.

Congrats again to the growing Wilhoit clan.  You've got this whole parenting thing in the box.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Callie, Adam, Zoe, and beautiful baby Bumpette!

Kes LT said...

Congratulations, Callie and Adam!
Hungs from Kestutis and family ;))))

Brittney Richards said...

What a cute post! What a cute way to find out! I'm so excited for Callie and Adam. Give them my congratulations!