Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Cruising Back in Time

With so much blogging to catch up on, the very last thing I need to do is revisit ancient history. But late last night I went hunting through the photo archives for a picture of Grandpa Wells to show how little he's changed since our last cruise. I think I found it.
While Grandpa Grandpa may look just the same, I was amazed at how much the rest of us have changed. In my mind, our inaugural Caribbean cruise wasn't that long ago, but for the youthful, seven years is a significant stretch of time!  While these pictures of the cousins may not mean much to everyone, they certainly made me smile.  You guys were just babies!  You help me realize how much I need to enjoy my munchkins now because childhood certainly passes quickly.
Kathryn, looking stylish in her goggles.

The other Katy (now graduated from high school), enjoys the water too.

Jeanette may still be teeny, but she's even tinier here!

Alesia and Katelyn with Talia in the dining room.

Kathryn looks a tad bored at dinner.

Check out the boys, Alex and Gregory!

Nettie stocks up on socks.

Katelyn helps Brooklyn get dressed.

Callie and Adam, you weren't even married yet!

Uncle Jay with Talia (a few months younger than Annika is now.)

What a baldie!

Don't worry Adam, you've got this parenting thing down pat.  After all, you've been practicing for a long time.

Papa K with Talia on the Fourth of July.  (By the way, I brought the same swimsuit for Annika to wear just for fun.  Not much use for it in Alaska!)
Some things, like the flag shirt, never change.  Here's Papa K on his way to Alaska.  A fellow shipmate came over at dinner to let my Dad know that he thought his wardrobe selection was great.

Hugs of thanks, Grandpa, now and then.

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Anonymous said...

Wow ... A 5 year old blast from the past! You should consider becoming a "digital photo archivist" ... If there is such a position. You did well finding very relevant old photos. Thank you!