Sunday, August 17, 2014

Omaha's First Annual Color Foam 5K

Ok, so we may not have trained.  We may not have run all the way through.  We may not have even kept track of our time.  But we sure did have fun!

Here are all the runners looking spiffy clean before Omaha's First Annual ColorFoam 5K;  Callie+Bump, Brooklyn, Jason, Kara, Talia, and Eli.

Now for our "cool" pose.  Do you like our shades?

The ladies...

...and the gents.

Making a train: Bump's in front!

I love Talia's swagger as we make our way to the race start.
Now watch us get messy!  There were foam pits blowing color even before the race started.  Here I am barreling through.

Brooklyn joins the fun.

Eli set a new record for foamy...

Especially with his new boots.
Not surprisingly, Talia worked hard to recapture her title of messiest kid ever.

Good thing we love her!
Here we are desperately trying to wring out our soggy, chilled kids before the race starts.  Cold as the munchkins were, they were still happy to share some shaved ice with their Papa K.
Fortunately everybody warmed up once the race started.  I was so proud of my running buddy Talia!  So you decide:  Is the lady behind her pushing a child in that stroller?

The only time Talia paused during the race was to play in the blue bubble pit...

...and the yellow one.  Such fun for a such a fantastic tiny runner!

Here's Eli, who also ran a good portion of the race, hopping into the jogger pushed by Dad when his little legs got too tired.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn, Bump and Callie also ran a great race.  Three cheers for all the 5K finishers!

The only one who didn't get much exercise was Annika Mae.

Good thing she's got grandparents to push her along.  Thanks NomiAnn, to both you and Papa K for cheering us on.
Your support means the world to us kids big...

...and little!


Anonymous said...

Hey ... It was a fun, festive, and creative event for both the runners and spectators. Another highlight was great "Goodnight Pizza" after the race. We ate the pizza in an outdoor patio area which allowed time for the foam bubbles to subside, and some clothes to dry a tad before getting into the minivan for the ride home. We had wonderful race weather as well! August weather in Omaha is delightful! ... this year.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Would have enjoyed being there to help cheer you on too.
Someone was sure creative to come up with such a great race! Thanks so much for sharing! Love ya' - Idaho grandma

Susie said...

Such incredible fun times you all seem to have. Looks like there is always plenty of entertainment in your new location! Love all the colors of foam they had available. Fun memories for the kiddos! Thanks for sharing your end of summer fun with us.