Friday, August 22, 2014

Playin' with the Prettiest Pug in Puyallup

August is running out, and I have yet to share what we did in the middle of July: we visited Aunt Callie and Uncle Adam in Puyallup.

Of course, we all know the real reason we stopped over in Washington on our way home from Alaska: Zoe.  :)

Callie, it looks like you've got this babe and a pug thing down pat.

Annika sure seems content in her Auntie's arms.

After eight days of cruising, all we really wanted to do was crash on the couch...

...or sit in a daze on the floor.
Of course, the munchkins were back to their innovative selves in no time.  Here's Brooklyn posing with a toy plane that they spent hours trying to improve so that it would actually fly.
As much fun as we had playing inside, the weather was so gorgeous that we packed up and headed for the beach at Point Defiance.  Oh, to have both mountains and ocean right outside your door!  Not that I'm jealous.
Brooklyn collecting seaweed.

Callie and NomiAnn hanging out.

Annika wonders, "What's all this stuff down at my feet?"

"Hey, sand!"

Brrr, that water's cold!

Despite cruising all the way to Alaska, the closest we came to a seal was at the beach.  It was amazing!

This picture gives a good perspective on how close the seal actually was.  We called the kids out of the water just in case it was looking for lunch...
Annie and I with Mt. Rainier in the distance.
Callie takes a turn with her niece.
Out of all the days of summer vacation, this peaceful beach day was probably my very favorite.

Talia agrees: so relaxing!

Callie and Adam were kind of bummed that the "giant toy" (playground) right outside their condo was being renovated during the our visit.  Fortunately the Puyallup/Tacoma area has plenty of other great outdoor spaces.
Here's Eli playing in the water in downtown Tacoma.
Here are NomiAnn and Callie at Bradley Lake park in Puyallup, just minutes from the Wilhoit condo.

Like his Mom, Eli sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating.
Talia enjoys hanging out.

Meanwhile, Zoe's plenty content to chill in Bump's new stroller

This next park was all about Zoe.  What better treat than an off-leash dog park with great waterfront access?  So if this park is all about Zoe, why is her Daddy holding hands with another gal?

Must be the other gal is pretty cute too.  (Not to mention, a good guzzler.)

Brooklyn spins Annika at the human section of the park.

Meanwhile, NomiAnn tries to sneak in a belly pat for Bump.  Callie's retort: "Don't touch my pudge!"
Yes, there was abundant love for both babes and pups.  The most adorable affection, however, was between the two species.  Annie Mae started off the visit shrieking with fear when Zoe came to lick the stick off her face.  By the end of the visit, she kept putting her face right in front of Zoe's with hopes of getting more pug kisses.
Joy from participants and spectators alike.
I'm sure that somewhere I have gut-wrenchingly adorable baby/pug video footage.  It will have to wait for another day though, because now it's time to say...

...good night.

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Anonymous said...

Puyallup and the Northwest locations featured in this post are truly beautiful -- but the people & pug in the photos are the most splendid of all! Keep Smiling!