Thursday, October 10, 2013

Zion National Park--Hard Rock and Soft Hearts

As the government shutdown drags on, I thought I'd post some pictures of happier days from our last trip to Zion National Park. During this trip, the kids finished up their "Desert Ranger Program," which involved visiting Zion, Snow Canyon, the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, and Sand Hollow Parks. The ranger couldn't immediately locate the award patches, so she took our name and address instead. The day after the shutdown, a package arrived in the mail, filled with patches, stickers, post cards, and a handwritten note of congratulations from the ranger who is now unable to work.

I think my friend Marilee's Facebook post said it best: Pray for Congress. Pray for the President. Even if you don't like them. No. . .especially if you don't like them.

And now, on to Zion.

Perhaps Congress and the President need to step away and contemplate vistas like this one.  Clarity and humility come easily when dwarfed by magnificence and grandeur.

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Julie L said...

Sweet! Love that place and really really am praying for the nation's leadership. This is definitely a time to try men's souls.