Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Since yesterday's post was a bit cryptic, here are some quick answers about what's going on with our family.  It's funny, but for a long time I thought that things would be "normal" as soon as Jason got home.  Looks like "normal" may be a long time in coming.

Q:  What's up with Jason's Architectural Rose Fellowship?
A:  Jason's three-year fellowship technically concluded at the end of August.  Last week Jason and I flew out to New York for the Enterprise Rose Fellowship Dinner where he was recognized along with the other "graduating" fellows--Juan who's been working in Puerto Rico, Joann representing Seattle, and Wayne from Cleveland.

Here's a professional video that they put together about Jason's experience in New York. Jason mostly liked it, but requested different background music for the actual showing.

Q:  So if Jason's no longer a fellow, what's he up to these days?
A:  The New York Enterprise office appreciated Jason's work so much that they invited him to continue working on some projects long distance.  Jason's technically part-time (80%), but with 100% of the stress and responsibility.  The good news is that he gets to work from home.  I used to wonder if it would drive me crazy to have him around all the time, but the truth is that I love it.

Q:  So what next?
A:  Jason has committed to work for Enterprise through the end of October, when the FarRoc Design Competition concludes.  They'd love to have him longer, but he has other plans.

Q:  Like....?
A:  Like Jason has accepted a job working for Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture, a medium-sized architecture firm based out of Omaha, Nebraska.  Jason's been interested in APMA for nearly a decade.  While he immediately appreciated their great company culture and core values, it took them a little while to appreciate him back.  After a few unsuccessful attempts to get hired in the past, Jason is thrilled to start work for them at the beginning of November.

Q:  So you're moving to Omaha?
A:  Not necessarily.  You see, Alley Poyner is looking to expand their practice, opening a new office in the quaint little town of Red Oak, Iowa.  In Red Oak, Jason would have the breadth of responsibility and variety of experiences associated with work in a small firm, all while benefiting from the mentoring and stability provided by a larger firm.  Plus, there's a really cool Tudor house in Red Oak that Jason adores.

Q:  Then you're moving to Red Oak?
A:  We don't really know that either.  All we know for sure is that we're moving.  We could end up in Omaha, Red Oak, or anywhere on the path between.  Fortunately my parents have graciously agreed to let us bunk with them for a short time while we figure things out.

Q:  When are you moving?
A:  We'd originally planned to move the weekend of November 2nd, but we have a potential buyer for the house who wants to move in by Halloween so they don't have to pay November rent.  The closing date is set for October 29th with another day or so before funding goes through.

Q:  Wow, you sold your house already!  How long was it on the market?
A:  Two weeks.  We're glad not to be constantly worrying about having it ready for showings, but still keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly with financing, inspections, and appraisals.

Well, there you have it.  Cut and dry.  Stay tuned for more introspective reflections about the move.  Let's just say that there are many mixed emotions, both happy and sad.  Mostly, we just feel  grateful.  Wherever we are, we'll be together.


Tanja said...

Congratulations to the new job!!! I wish you good luck with the packing and moving :) It will be interesting to live in a small city with only 6000+ people, but I'm sure you will find new friends very quickly. I wish you the best!!! May the Lord bless you. Tanja

The Favorite said...

I DO love your family (and I do love that house.) The video was awesome. Good luck in these next weeks. I wish I could help you pack.
Oh- and have fun in California!!

Justin said...

Excellent Rose Fellow video. I'm curious what the new music was that Jason picked?