Tuesday, October 01, 2013

So long, Subway!

My lovely Aunt Janet recently mentioned that this blog has been pretty erratic in its posting.  (Yes, recently!  We were together in New York three days ago, but more on that later...)  Back to the point, I'm hoping to quench the dry spells and amuse my aunt by posting more regularly, at least when I have Internet access.  So Janet, these posts are for you.  :)

Apparently I'm going to have plenty of extra time to blog too, since we won't be hiking The Subway on Wednesday.  I'm seriously bummed.  We made our reservation months ago, but the entire government had to go and shut down instead.  Argh!

Missing out on our Subway hike is particularly disappointing since this trip was at the very tiptop of our bucket list of things to do before leaving St. George.  If you can infer from this website, our time is quickly running out!

On the positive side, the kids seem to be enjoying the boxes.  And as for Jason, he's busy pondering life's important questions, like:  What Pez dispenser should I be?  (Click on the link for a bit more of a clue...)

So if you have any suggestions for Jason's Pez quandary or solutions for government shutdowns, please share.  'Cause if you ask me, when you live in St. George, Utah, shutting down the national parks is a crying shame.  Gee, you might as well move to Nebriowa!


Becca said...

Where are you moving too? You guys just love adventure and are always on one :)

michelle said...

Yesterday I said to Mike--Kara is posting a lot about trips, but hasn't said anything on Jason's job. I wonder what's up. Updates. Please.

Justin said...

My 7 Pez Dispenser Suggestions:
1. Samwise Gamgee, a hobbit Pez!
2. Donald Duck
3. Happy, one of the 7 dwarves
4. Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.
5. Bob the Builder
6. Barney Rubble from Flintstones
7. Timon from Lion King