Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Let's face it.  It's pure chaos around here.  The kids had a couple of days off of school last week, so we threw all caution to the wind and went camping with Charles and Susie (great pictures coming.)  Even though camping is tons of work, I'm so glad that we went.  The weather was perfect, and we managed to snag one of the very last spots at Zion.  Driving home I literally wiped tears from my eyes as I bid farewell to the canyon.

But now?  Holy mackerel, you'd think Hurricane Sandy made her way to St. George.  We got back late Saturday night, just in time to speak in church, teach Primary, give the lesson in Elder's Quorum, and head out to Gunlock to say goodbye to some friends.

Now I am furiously working my way through a mountain of smoky laundry while trying to pack up an entire house.  Jason's back in New York until Friday and we close on the house a week from tomorrow so I'm pretty much on my own.  The house is belching boxes (pardon the imagery), and I think Annika made an entire meal this afternoon out of leftover Cheerios she picked off the floor.  And so, you'll have to forgive me if the blog gets put aside for a bit. 

As a diversion, I thought I'd share some fun photos that I took all the way back at the beginning of September when our neighbors adopted an adorable shimapoo, Sparky.

Karen, Annika, and Sparky.  I think I already pointed out the puppy resemblance.

Would you believe that in the last two weeks I've had two more people tell me how Annika looked like a dog?  I know that dog-lovers consider that a compliment, but I'm never quite sure how to respond.

Eli and Sparky.

Aw, such a sweet puppy.  (And hypoallergenic too!)

Daniel and his new best friend.

Facing the world.

Daniel and Eli enjoy some male bonding time.

A happy day for this high school freshman, now taller than both Jason and his Mom.
Thanks, Karen and Daniel, for sharing Sparky (and everything else) with us.  We sure will miss you!


Jason said...

So, when I bust up laughing during the middle of an important presentation today in New York, it will be a direct result of suddenly thinking about little Annie Mae's resemblance to a shimapoo! Good luck with the belching boxes this week, my love. Wish I were there with you to help abate the chaos (although I fear sometimes I am more of a hinderence than a help!). Love you.

Anonymous said...

Sad day ... your place is going to the dogs!
-Keep Smiling!