Saturday, April 22, 2017

Why I'm Grateful that Sunday is a Day of Rest

Once again, I find myself groggy and fuzzy-headed as I try to catch up on this blog.  Looking back at the day, it's no wonder I'm tired.  Even with Jason and Annika gone at a wedding in Boise, today's Saturday schedule was intense:

6:20 am Wake-Up
6:55 am Head out for a 13 mile run up City Creek Canyon
7:30 am Stop to cheer on a few Salt Lake City marathoners at the hair pin turn in Memory Grove
9:10 am Shower and Breakfast
10:00 am Take the kids for a walk through Temple Square to see the flowers (Gorgeous!)
10:45 am Drop Brooklyn off at Abravanel Hall to join her classmate for some Gershwin with the Salt Lake Symphony
11:15 am Quick grocery run to Smith's
11:30 am Team pictures for Eli's Silverback baseball team
12:30 pm Eli's T-Ball game
2:00 pm Avenues Baseball player introductions
3:00 pm Snag a bowl of cereal for lunch, followed by a quick nap. Hallelujah!
4:00 pm Bring Talia to a friend's house for dinner and playtime
4:30 pm Primary choir rehearsal for stake conference
5:45 pm Drop by the library to pick up some French language books for Brooklyn
6:15 pm Casual dinner of sweet potatoes topped with avocado, ham, and sour cream  (Necessity is the mother of invention.)
6:40 pm Drop Brooklyn off for an evening of babysitting
7:00 pm Finally get around to the day's chores.  Throw a bunch of really stinky running clothes into the washer.
8:00 pm Pick up Talia
8:15 pm Come home for a bowl of ice cream and some Lego bonding time
9:30 pm  Oops!  Realize that you lost track of time and it's way too late.  Clean up a bazillion Legos.
9:45 pm Teeth brushing and family prayer.  Tuck Talia and Eli into bed and blog until...
10:45 pm Brooklyn gets back from babysitting

Well, whaddayaknow!  Now it's 11:00 and time to sleep.  Guess catching up on the blog will have to wait because this gal needs some zzzs.  Good night!


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Anonymous said...


You know, if you would have arisen at 5:00 a.m., and stayed up until midnight, you might have been able to squeeze into your otherwise busy day: a family swim in the Great Salt Lake (followed by showers to remove the grime and brine shrimp), planting a new tree in your yard, another hike to the top of Ensign peak, and washing all of your home windows. Plus, remember, "Saturday is a special day ..." did you help Eli shine his Sunday dress shoes and iron his pants? [I hope you know the above paragraph is meant as a joke -- its absurdity is meant to bring a smile, rather than a frown to your face.)

You are doing fine ... and your schedule makes an old man tired just thinking about it. Just think of how busy you will be the day of your marathon on May 20th! No problem ... You will just be making up for a relaxing May 13th Saturday afternoon multi-hour snooze preceding a pampered Mother's Day the week before ... [groan].

So, be grateful for an industrious family and heritage ... never complain, and remember that whoever this anonymous poster is never suggested you run marathons. Although he is proud of you and your disciplined choices. Keep Smiling!