Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Welcoming Anders Rhys

I have SO much housework to do, but when I go to bed tonight, I want to have accomplished something that won't be undone first thing tomorrow. Hence the procrasti-blogging!

Besides, little man Anders Rhys Wilhoit is two-months old already!  On Friday our family is driving to Omaha so that we all can meet him. (Insert huge smiley face here.)  Lucky aunt that I am, I got a sneak peak mid-February when I flew out to Washington to spend a week from the Wilhoit family.

Here are Callie and Anders on his birth day.  I can't decide who's more beautiful--mama or baby.

When they got home from the hospital, big sister Eila Kay was waiting with a sign she decorated all by herself.

Official homecoming attire for the Wilhoit babes.

Anders was actually born during a small snowstorm--quite the rarity for Washington.  Makes his arrival all the more memorable.

Seeing Eila in her pink snowsuit makes me chuckle remembering all the pictures we have of Annika in the same snowsuit last year.

The direct flight out to Seattle was amazingly peaceful all on my own.  When I arrived, these sweet little bundles were waiting for me.  Holding a newborn has to be one of the most miraculous of life's experiences.

We went and got some delicious Vietnamese food for dinner.  Eila was impressively well-behaved the entire meal, but by the time we had our to-go boxes all packaged, she rightly decided that it was time to go home.

This little gal's a keeper!  I'm so glad we had some great one-on-one time together.  When my kids are around, she understandably gets whisked away in the cousin adventures.

Not every two year-old is lucky enough to have a playground right outside her front door...

...not to mention an entire library!

Meanwhile, Anders was mostly inside adjusting to life outside his mama.  Alesia made him this elephant.  Isn't it incredible?

From the pictures, it seems like Anders as a one-week old only did one thing...sleep.

Trust me, pictures can be deceiving.  Ask Callie and she will assure you that he spends plenty of time eating as well.  Also, the above pictures were all taken in the daylight, meaning that once night fell, the handsome little fella was ready to play.

We did our best to get sibling photos without incurring any injuries.  Eila only carried Anders to us once during the visit.  She was concerned because he was fussing and wanted us to help him.  What a sweetie!  (She fortunately kept a firm grip on her precious package as we rushed to the rescue.)

Callie is an amazing mom.  I loved watching how patient she was with Eila, taking the time to teach and explain instead of just ordering her around.  She got around so nimbly that it was easy to forget she'd just had a C-section.

She also does an incredible job juggling work and home as she is beloved by so many middle schoolers.  I heard them sing at a district-wide choral concert that Callie helped organize.  They were fantastic!

And of course, Adam is an amazing father as well.  Look at the men hanging out already!

Adam is the official family goofball, and Eila's very favorite playmate.  (Some day in the future, I will insert the box video as evidence of Adam's craziness right here.)

As an aunt, I was in absolute heaven hanging out with my niece(s) and nephew.  Zoe took a liking to my lap, no matter if Anders was already occupying it.

My visit coincided with Valentine's Day.  While I tried to talk Callie and Adam into going out on a date, they took us all out for frozen yogurt instead.

It's pretty easy to understand why they'd want to spend the evening with their littlest sweethearts.  In the meantime, I thought a lot about my own sweetheart taking such good care of our munchkins in Salt Lake.  Well, most of them at least.  Annika was in Hyde Park hanging out with Grandpa Charles and Grandma Susie, helping to distract them from their recent flood.  So much love all around!

The Washington sun peered out for several days of glorious sunshine.  Here we are on our way to one of my favorite parks... Point Ruston.  Mount Rainier was so clear in the background!

Eila loved the slide.

On a rainier day, we headed to the Tacoma Children's museum for some bubbly fun.

Back at home, it was time for boxes...

...and baths.  (Yes, I got peed on, pooped on, and spit up on, all within a matter of seconds.  What can I say?  I'd forgotten.)

Eila got an unexpected surprise when she bit into this avocado while grocery shopping.  Oops!

While every toddler has monster moments, I'll take this little gal any time.

NomiAnn flew in the day before I flew out so we all got to spend a lovely day together.

Wilhoit Family, thanks so much for the lovely visit!
I can't wait to see you all again soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey ... Young Anders is handsome and doing well. So glad you got to catch up a bit with your sister during this new baby adventure Kara. Great photos!

Susie said...

Sweet photos and commentary! Glad you were able to go help out 😊.